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  1. Hahaha you're right. Let me rephrase. In Axl's head he THINKS he's forward thinking and the other guys don't want to mess with his head.
  2. It took me a long time to appreciate this track too. I still remember hearing it for the first time and being very confused. I still bought the EOD soundtrack to have it. I still wasn't a fan of it when Axl played it in the early 2000's. It has only been the last 5 years that I liked it. The only thing I disagree with you on is the lyrics. The end of the song is brilliant, the "tides out on the oceans" part. But I STILL can't get past the "crawl through your veins like millions of spiders". Trying to rhyme liars with spiders... c'mon Axl.
  3. The only thing that makes sense to me is they're focused on the future only now that they're back together. Slash, Duff, Steven Matt and Gilby all showed up for RNRHOF induction and acknowledged the past. Axl and Izzy did not. My guess is Axl is so forward-focused that the other guys have put the reflecting on hold.
  4. Well @Gambit83 this is the first interview of yours that has been a struggle for me to get through. Some decent stories. Saw NOFX twice back in the day on Warped Tour 1998 & 2000, but they aren't really my thing. Looking forward to the next episode regardless!
  5. Great series @Gambit83, just finished Vancouver today. I actually remember those posts on the GNRBar back in the day. We were all excited about reviews for the show and it was deflating reading that it didn't happen. I remember thinking at first the posts were jokes. It slowly became clear they weren't. I haven't been on that forum in probably 15 years, frankly I didn't know it still existed! I always think of Vancouver as the lesser known riot. Sounds like the "Axl was in the air" rumor is true. Would love to know ultimately why the venue apparently decided to cancel the show.
  6. Wow interesting. I never heard those two names in relation to GNR. Whaddya say @Gambit83. Perhaps an AFD show interview??
  7. yeeeaaahhhh sorry dude. I find AC/DC to be incredibly boring frat house cock rock. Don't get me wrong I'd rather have recorded Axl music than no Axl at all, but if we're gonna get it I'm glad it won't be in the form of AC/DC.
  8. Thank goodness. I despise ACDC. Thought with Axl on vocals I'd be into it. Went to see them play at MSG and was bored out of my mind.
  9. As I've mentioned multiple times on this site before, one of my life regrets is not going to this show. It is certainly my biggest GNR regret. I was 20 years old and in college and worried about money.... my brother was on the fence about it. Had he been all in I would have gone no doubt. But then I cold feet about going by myself. Still kills me. But I'm thrilled that we have this video and was thrilled when we got the audio that summer of 2001.
  10. Great recording, wow. Love that we can still get 'new' GNR content without waiting for the band to release it.
  11. Don Jamieson interviewed Bumblefoot a few days ago on Compound Media. At the 17:32 mark he is asked about his time in GNR. I've direct linked to it below. He's cordial about it, but you can tell uncomfortable. He talks about playing Don't Cry and getting the audience to sing along:
  12. Never moved to tears, but Locomotive does elicit the strongest emotion from me. It brings me to a very specific time in my life. I loved GNR since 1991, but I never "discovered" Locomotive until the summer of 1998. I played it constantly that summer. If I am driving by myself and pop on Locomotive it can bring me back to that summer where I was having a ton of fun and didn't have a care in the world. The demo version of There Was a Time also brings me back to a specific period that was actually pretty dark for me. It's weird that these two songs can do that for me. I have songs by
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