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  1. Haven't commented in a long time, but still listen to every episode. Great work. Rick seems like a great guy. I'm happy to hear about the live album Georgia Satellite is releasing.
  2. Nah man, we don't want to see that.... OF COURSE WE DO WOW WOW WOW WOW!
  3. It was Doug Goodstein who said it and Doug was the executive producer of Howard TV. He hasn't been there for a long time so if Axl only had a problem with him, he could definitely go back on the show (slim chance I know). Doug and Mike Gange had gone to the MSG show together. I used to work with those guys in the late 2000's and when I asked them about it Doug felt kinda bad that he might have caused the tour cancellation. Gange thought it was hilarious.
  4. Fair enough. I was selfishly thinking of myself (and other hardcore fans). But Axl does sing backing vocals on those songs too. I'm not suggesting he leave the stage completely, but rather do those songs to give his voice a break and satisfy us maniacs. Oh and to be clear, I don't want all 4 of those in one set, I was thinking just rotate them in place of the covers.
  5. He never even attempted it though. It doesn't seem vocally challenging (full disclosure I'm NOT a singer). I dunno, I'm just fiending something different.
  6. DTJ is the only song that I think could stay or go. I wish the band would debut Don't Damn Me for the first time. It isn't a great song, but geez just give us something different. I feel like it's in the same vein as DTJ, ISE, Mr Brownstone, etc vocally for Axl. Totally agree on YCBM. Just let it die. Sure its one of the 'hits', but it sounds like garbage live. I know they aren't everyone's favorite songs but I can't understand why we don't get more songs like So Fine, 14 Years & Dust N' Bones (Let Duff sing them), You Ain't the First in place of the covers.
  7. Not a single note? To me it has a Reckless Life type of rhythm. BUT, I'm no musician so what do I know
  8. I really do like everything about it. To me it's raw and straightforward rock that sounds like it would fit on like Live Like a Suicide more than any other album. Before this if anybody asked me what I hoped the first single from Axl, Slash and Duff would be after all this time I'd want it to be a loud angry song. It checks all my boxes
  9. First comments on this song. At first, I was very 'meh' on it. But after several listens (including in HD using headphones) I gotta say I love it. What was a messy but interesting track as Silkworms has turned into a great track with Slash stamping his signature on it. I'm a fan.
  10. YouTube huh? Maybe if there was some live GNR videos on YouTube they could REALLY target the people who are, ya know, interested in seeing GNR live
  11. Checked this thread out for the first time in months and see the discussion of masks. I'm vaccinated and have Pit tix for Metlife. I'll bring a mask but am unlikely to wear it.
  12. I think you're being way too optimistic. Each state has their own rules and mandates that can change at any time. With Minnesota confirming postponement of an outdoor show I'm sure nothing has been announced yet because they're trying to reschedule the whole tour. Way too much $$$ is at stake to risk cancellation of 1 show let alone multiple shows to Covid.
  13. I actually like it. It's not going to be my best album of 2021, but I'd rather hear it than not.
  14. Great interview @Gambit83. David was great even though he rambled a bit at times. It's interesting how there seems to be a pattern where Axl cuts people off because he has one-off issues with them after a longtime friendship. Or maybe that was TB just seizing more control whenever they could, who knows.
  15. I was at the first show of the Wave Goodbye tour at Webster Hall where NIN played The Downward Spiral start to finish. When everyone realized what was happening 3 songs in it was awesome. I'd love for GNR to do this once or twice. But not if it is going to become the "new" setlist.
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