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  1. Yes. I have seen almost every artist I ever wanted to see. I am not willing to put my life on the line to hear Axl screech out Welcome To The Jungle or SCOM again. I have a hard time believing near-capacity stadium shows by any band will occur in the USA, until a bulletproof vaccine has been distributed nationwide.
  2. Texas is in a world of shit right now. I blame our idiotic governor and lieutenant governor (both are trump shills). I believe there is a 50/50 chance that any of the 2021 North American rescheduled gigs happen. Personally, my concert attending days are over, so I am not disappointed that the local Texas GNR show was cancelled.
  3. I would say there is a 99.9% chance that the entire GNR North American 2020 tour will be cancelled.
  4. Have any GNR tracks that have never been officially released been played on GNR Radio yet? I am hoping the Los Angeles November 30, 2017 show will be broadcast in its entirety on the GNR specific channel...
  5. It's the Caram Costanzo remix which is far superior to the original broadcast.
  6. Did anyone else notice that a few lyrics from the beginning of Patience were cut, or was it just my webstream?
  7. Anything put on YouTube will only be removed, just like the clip of So Fine the other day. What a joke! I'm fairly confident that today's rebroadcast will find its way to the masses.
  8. The show has just restarted on SiriusXM. The "Equalizer Intro" was cut. The show begins with Frank counting into It's So Easy.
  9. The original live mix was a bottom heavy, poorly mixed, muddy mess. Caram's remix is much clearer and more dynamic. There is a night and day difference to me.
  10. Thankfully, the encore break featuring chatter from Eddie Trunk and Keith Roth was removed. I wonder if any of the songs were cut from today's re-broadcast?
  11. The Caram remix is "out there". It cannot be shared publicly (on torrent sites like DIME/TTD) because SiriusXM is a premium service, so you know how that goes... I wouldn't be surprised if someone captures today's re-broadcast. Who knows if the Apollo 2017 gig will ever be aired again after today?
  12. SiriusXM has been airing a different concert for 24 hours straight on Channel 30 over the last 9 days. https://blog.siriusxm.com/relive-live-concerts-from-paul-mccartney-lady-gaga-more-on-limited-run-channel/ The GNR Harlem Apollo 2017 show will air for at least another 18 hours on SiriusXM, so if you're trapped at home due to COVID19, and have a SXM subscription, check it out. While Axl's "mickey vocals" are in full force, at least the Harlem 2017 re-broadcast is of the rarely heard Caram Costanzo "remix", which aired a few times, several months after the original live performa
  13. Well, the scalpers buy up tons of tickets months in advance.
  14. Not to beat a Dead Horse. However, If you are planning to go to a local GNR show this year, please wait until the week/day of the show before buying a ticket. Don't over pay for the same old song and dance!
  15. WOW! GNR only sold 500 tickets in Toronto?!? Isn't Toronto considered the New York City of Canada? GNR should simply cancel the tour now (blame it on COVID19 "Corona Virus"), and spend time focusing on new music...
  16. I have vowed to never attend another GNR gig again. However, since the Arlington show is less than 10 miles from where I live, I'll go to this gig just for the hell of it. I plan to buy my ticket at the 11th hour from a desperate scalper or Ticketbastard once they slash their prices. There is no way, in hell am I paying $314 for a single GNR ticket again! I'll see my fellow DFW area fans in August!
  17. I can see Pit tickets at $100 plus fees in the days/hours leading up the show. StubHub should be a gold mine for GNR fans that have the patience to wait until the last minute....
  18. Same thing applies for the Texas show. What a racket!!
  19. I noticed that. I checked on Sunday night around 10PM, and then checked today at noon CST. Half the venue magically sold over a 38 hour period. Including the ADA section on Slash's side of the stage, when every single ADA seat on Slash's side was available on Sunday night. What a joke! I'll buy my ticket during the week of the show for pennies on the dollar!
  20. It's back in stock for $399. Use the code GNR10 for 10% off.
  21. I have a feeling the 2020 U.S. stadium trek will be remembered as the "Groupon Roses" tour...
  22. I can't believe no one has mentioned the June 13, 1991 Philadelphia AUD video? This is hands down the best performance from 1991 that I have ever seen. A 3DVD set sourced from the master video has been floating around for 10 years. On a related note, it put smiles on my face to see people recommend the Austin February 23, 1993 show. Nearly 27 years later, that was hands-down the BEST concert I have ever seen by any band, EVER! And I have been to HUNDREDS of concerts since 1993...
  23. $100 plus fees is possible. The left over $250 tickets should be marked down to $150 at first and then will continue to drop if they don't move. I saw a 2nd-3rd row center seat for the San Antonio show drop to $100 a few minutes before the doors opened. Hang out in front of the venue and be ready to buy a ticket on your phone at the absolute last minute for the best deal.
  24. I wouldn't be surprised if outlets like SiriusXM give tons of tickets away to their paid subscribers this summer. I could also see season ticket holders for these venues getting free tickets as a perk. Of course, there is also local radio. I could see them running gimmicks like, "The next 10,000 callers get a free pair of GNR tickets" in the days leading up to each gig. I wonder if the GNR 2020 tour will be as big of a flop as the 1998 Van Halen tour featuring Gary Cherone? I recall Van Halen tickets being offered with a purchase of gas at filling stations.
  25. Yes! Matt was the ORIGINAL scab, unless you count that Fred Coury and the bassist Haggis that filled in for Duff when he married Mandy in 1988. Show some respect to the OG scabs, Matt and Gilby!!
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