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  1. I honestly dont get why people find her attractive. She's quite stocky and she's got a jawline like David Coulthard. She looks a bit like a drag queen to me actually.
  2. Same thing happened with my mother. She was just coming out of the time where she had to stay indoors when she told me she'd had the positive test. Reminded me of this πŸ˜‚
  3. The study did not investigate whether masks prevented those infected with Covid-19 from infecting other people.
  4. There a good people on both sides 😁
  5. I couldn't agree more. Along with millions of sensible people I have made adjustments and sacrifices to how I normally live my life which have often been a huge pain in the fucking arse. Wearing a mask is neither here nor there for me Its a peice of cake. With all that said its annoying beyond belief there are people who go out of their way to expouse how pissed off they are with restrictions and use that as justification for not follow guidance. The irony of course being that the longer these thick cunts keep up with their half baked bollocks the longer we all have to live with the
  6. I think it's a lot to do with club football being the main passion aswell in England and it's not geared to serving the national team really. I think a lot of fans of the big teams would put their clubs over England if they had a choice. Liverpool fans even take pride in the fact that they don't give a fuck about England being successful.
  7. Not really. Couple of semi finals of World Cups, ranked top 4 in the world several times. Many, many Grand Slams and 5/6 Nations titles. About neck and neck with England on that front. Considering Wales population is only a third of Londons alone it's pretty decent. Plus the rugby W/C has only been going since 1987. Considering Wales decade of complete and utter dominance in the 70's I reckon if it had started earlier 2 World Cups in that decade would have been a minimum. So basically we were robbed of glory by the IRB's failure to get it's act together and organize the game globally.
  8. It is unbelievable really that England have only won a competition once years ago. For how big football is and how much it dominates everything. Plus have never even been in another final.
  9. Those look really nice, perfect colour on them, not overdone and not soggy. The only thing I'd substitute is the pomegranate. I like the taste but there is such a tiny amount of juice then your left with a chalky pip to spit out. And they're messy to de-seed. More effort than they're worth.
  10. Just need to dump England out at the group stages now for the cherry on the cake.
  11. Your wife is on another forum right now saying.
  12. The Granny went by the nickname "Auld slapper" around Liverpool apparently she was a well known bit of old minge.
  13. That's always been Chelsea for me, cunts to a man. John Terry, Dennis Wise, Frank Lampard all cunts. Even Zola who is supposed to be this super friendly guy. Ugly horse faced little midget cunt.
  14. I can already tell Len is looking at crow barring this into a "mitigating circumstances" defence.
  15. But who is the best? As in, if your life savings and everything were on the line and you could pick any curler to play a shot to win. Would you pick Rachael, or is their another bloke who statistically would probably be a better pick.
  16. Do they really separate men's and women's curling? It's not a sport you get an advantage in because of strength. Im not trying to shit stir here but I think men are for some reason just better at lots of things that require hand eye co ordination, dedication and skill. Snooker could be equal, darts could, even chess. Its time to fucking step up ladies.
  17. https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=313133632683668&_rdr#
  18. @DieselDaisy Come out ye black and TansπŸ˜‚ fuck me don't set the paddys off again for god's sake.
  19. To me that's the biggest task for the new president. Getting 70 million people back on board. If everyone is pulling in the same direction America is a pretty awesome proposition.
  20. And why is it these last couple of states are taking so much longer than all the rest? If say, I don't know, fucking Delaware or something can count all their votes within a few hours how come Georgia can't get it's act together? Or the other couple of stragglers. It's almost like they are hamming it up now.
  21. And that's assuming that every single vote that gets recounted goes for Trump. If there's room for human error then surely in a two horse race you'd be looking at roughly 50/50 of the votes being reversed in favour of the other guy. I.e you'd win some back and lose some the other way but at the end of the day it makes fuck all difference to the big picture.
  22. Amazing that two men in their 70's can maintain an election for so long.
  23. America needs to pick a country and just declare war on it to unite themselves. Same goes for UK but we'd just squabble about the rights and wrongs and argue about that aswell. Scenes in the White house
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