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  1. Its not for me sorry. I bet you did. The only sport you can sit on your arse for 2 hours and still be on the winning team.
  2. Baseball is such an unbelievably boring sport to watch. Fucking terrible.
  3. Weetabix would work in a Slayer/Metallica type font I reckon. And clearly Alpen Museli is very much the New Romantic of breakfast cereals.
  4. Chisora is already showing signs of brain damage. Slow, slurred speech. It's noticeable in interviews now but in 25 years from now he's likely going to be damaged by boxing.
  5. That sums it up. He's saying he can't say anything anymore while saying it on a radio station who are broadcasting it. What he meant to say is that he wants to say whatever he wants (which he can) without being called a cunt for doing so (which he cant).
  6. 100% agree and good for you for not following along with the arseholes I've seen that happen and you end up with really bad place for residents. When I was in university I worked as a domiciled carer going from home to home working with people with learning difficulties, mobility issues etc and some calls would have to be double with another carer as it involved transferring from wheelchair to bed etc. This one prick I was supposed to be meeting at this old guys house at 10pm to get him from chair to bed kept trying to pressure me to go earlier so we could rush him into bed and finish wo
  7. Confirming that a date is soon to be announced is such a con to try and keep a buzz going it's comical. Load of bollocks honestly, just tell us the date and take our money.
  8. MTK is under a bit of scrutiney. Fucking paddys, dodgy as fuck 😁
  9. Hope you've got plenty of custard creams for him.
  10. I think it's clear that these volcanoes have brains.
  11. Yeah i know right, its like the virus has a bigger brain than us or something.
  12. Irrevelant as the virus will now be in the library reading books and teaching itself how to overcome this latest challenge.
  13. 😄 If your being serious (which i sincerely hope your not) You've got more important things to worry about than this virus.
  14. Held his nerve fair play to him. It looked like it was going tits up about 2 years ago after spiking but apparently not.
  15. Personally I would cash out the value of your initial investment so at a minimum you break even and then your playing with free money risk free.
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