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  1. So spoke the voices of dozens of Manchester canal victims
  2. 😂😂😂 Good luck in the new job mate.
  3. And the fact you just used to roll them into the canal before the rohypnol had worn off.
  4. @Dazey youd do well to take a leaf out of jabberwokys book. If you look at what he's achieved it should make you ashamed you horrible clammy fat fucking cunt 😄
  5. Well done mate your on the right track. Whatever youve been doing so far will get you to your goals.
  6. Genuinely hadn't considered that. Point taken.
  7. There comes a point though where its impossible not to ridicule something if it is ridiculous. When someone states earnestly that the virus has a brain it's very hard to treat that person seriously. A physical brain I'm talking about here, organic matter. That's what she said. I don't sincerely believe anyone could really be that simple minded so I do believe that dontdamnme is trolling. Good luck to her/him, but that means I am allowed to take the piss. I am allowed to anyway by the way even if she is sincere in the drivel that she posts.
  8. It still makes me laugh when I think off your post about the Covid brain theory. It was like the ramblings you would see in a public toilet smeared in shit on the wall 😆
  9. I've been thinking about your theory about the virus having a brain. Perhaps your right, and it sits down every few weeks to collect it's thoughts and plan it's next move. Maybe the ones reluctant to get vaccinated are just vegans.
  10. Had my 6th dose today guys, no side effects so far. Wish me luck.
  11. This is great. As the narrator was saying "What if he tripped and sprained his ankle" I was thinking please god let there be footage.
  12. Is it true that when he announced he was leaving Celtic his house got burgled and they nicked all his medals he won for them?
  13. Free cheeseburger with every shot of the vaccine?
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