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  1. I agree. Its fucked. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/27/eighteen-people-in-hospital-as-migrant-boat-sinks-off-french-coast
  2. Why do you think this is happening?
  3. So did I until the dawn raid a couple of years ago.
  4. I'm literally playing that game now. Just put the controller down after 3 hours playing.
  5. They had Chris Gayle to come in batting at number 3 so I was dreading Kolkata taking a wicket because as soon as he came in he just twatted it to every part of the ground. They were restricting the run rate nicely until then after nearly 10 overs so taking that 1st wicket was a definate disadvantage. Bizarre version of the game.
  6. I spaffed 200 quid today betting on the IPL. Kolkata Knight Riders v Kings XI Punjab.
  7. Today Ive cooked something that doesn't really have a name. 850 grams minced beef 2 finely chopped onions 3 large chopped carrots Chopped kale,leek and cabbage Broccoli Peas Pint of beef stock 3 spoonfuls of mustard Worcester sauce Pint of gravy. Its like avery thick rich meaty sauce with lots of vegetables. There is loads in the pot so it will be the basis for about 3 days worth of meals this week. I will just tweak how i serve it up each day.
  8. It looks like he's loving living there. Hes settled and has a family over there now, I will get over to visit one day.
  9. Piss off you fat cunt 😄 he does actually specialise in spunk and footprints. He's one of the head guys over there now.
  10. One of my oldest friends emigrated to the US about ten years ago and settled in Anchorage. He works in forensics now for the FBI.
  11. It Takes A Nation of Minions to Hold us Back
  12. Nice one. Don't fuck with Lowri by the looks of it 😄
  13. He's lucky that security guard wasn't having a bad day because I'd be tempted to pick that metal bar up and set about him 😄 and his mate with the camera going " you can't touch my phone you can't touch my phone" His phone would be chucked down in the fucking cereal aisle at the other end of the shop. Fucking wankers.
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