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  1. Sanity needs to return. It wont happen in my lifetime. Not in my lifetime.
  2. Tonight for dinner. Broccoli. Dirty rice ( from the Zatarain s box box and not from scratch). Baked turkey wings.
  3. I love spaghetti squash. It is a light, buttery veg. Great for another side.
  4. I do not know whether I hate you or love you. hate you because that sounds and looks delish and you are eating them and I am not or love you because of giving me taco ideas. There is so much you can do.
  5. Easy answer for me. Personally, Yesterdays is such a good song . Well written. True words. Meaningful. I have regrets of lost years , nothing immoral or illegal. Nothing like that, but just moving on faster in life. The song is really an uplifting song . Yesterdays got nothing on me...
  6. I think this might be a best possible approach to bring the industry back. House of Blues concert halls, club/restaurant like this caliber, Hammerstein Ballroom and places like that. The entertainers, income wise , who cares. They earn the most , but can afford to earn the least by having smaller shows . Sold out shows. Maybe pay per view shows. Concerts ONLY employ: LiveNation staff, venue staff, entertainer’s road employees and non- road staff, stage crew, etc. Many people who work with the entertainers or in some kind of concert capacity have been out of work.
  7. Thnx. I tend to quick glance at his page. Creepy page. I did not scroll down far enough.
  8. I did search and could not find a post. If I missed, please merge. Instagram. Matt had a birthday and 7 th year wedding anniversary. No Instagram postings from Duff, Slash . Yes, as others have said, Instagram postings with these folks are telling. Matt’s book. Release 2021. I hope it sells well for him. Steve’s little dog died. 20 years old. She was a cute lil mixed , looking Terrior/ Chihuahua mix. No shout outs to him either. ( yes, I am bored...and everything else you will say, lol.just posting)
  9. Thank you. I , me and mine , have done our part in getting vaccinated. My generation, we got vaccinated. End of the baby boomers. German measles are a thing of the past, but deadly German measles were a thing early 1960s. I had Chicken Pox, a thing of childhood by then. Now, there is the vaccine for it. People like me, run the risks of painful , chronic shingles. I am 56 and had all my childhood vax by age 5, 6 yrs. old. I could get the flu shot and shingles shot, but I won’t I just do not want although these are tested and safe based on years of trials
  10. Why Lies 1988? Record companies, album buying public , sales. Strike the iron while it is hot. GnR was big, happening. Why 3 RS covers, including one with Axl alone? I might have miscounted. Magazines. People bought periodicals. Happening group. Cream, Hit Parader, Metal something... I cannot remember, Rolling Stone was back then a very good magazine. Just a magazine. , Thank you. Some lyrics, for shock, just were not cool.
  11. Oohhhh, I am going against popular opinion here. I am not doing “Read the room,” no. Lol. I just dont GnR going there with the three of them doing new music. Nothing can top what was. Slash us very busy working on MKandS, the Conspirators. See his and his lady’s Insta.
  12. @DEMI-GOD @EvanG Yes. They are all greying. They are all 55 +over . Greybeards—— Slash n Steven
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