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  1. I watch NFL Network early weekday mornings. I will hopefully get to see this vid before I leave. On tonight’s game, DC vs. Saints , commercial has been running over and over about it on Good Morning Football for tomorrow .
  2. Carole King, FooFighters, Tina Turner, The GoGo’s, LLCoolJ, and others. Good group of inductees to me. See rerun on HBO On Demand or the reruns of HBO this week. You know HBO will be running it all this month, next month. FooFighters closed the show.
  3. https://www.coldwellbanker.com/property/1399-Tremont-St-_UNIT_-1405-_UNIT_1405-Duxbury-MA-02332/118052247/detail Homey. Practical in design.Pretty. Family home. 4. something million if you are interested. https://people.com/home/joe-perry-lists-his-mass-estate-for-4-5m-see-inside/
  4. Interesting, NITL Tour continues and continues. Fascinating. People are buying what they are selli g.
  5. I heard the very end of it on a Houston rock station. Not 106,which is classic tock, but the other station. I do not listen to the car radio that much.
  6. True. Deaths are different. Depends on age, circumstances, etc. Beat throat cancer decades age, 2004. Passed away at 80 years elderly. Lived a full, rich life. Rich, I just do not mean his financial worth, but rich in one wife, etc. One real job too, lol. 55 years or so as RollingStones drummer, drummer for his company, lol. Truly a celebration of a full, well rounded, complete, rich life . Good pictures from thedailymail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9922999/Rolling-Stones-drummer-Charlie-Watts-died-age-80.html#comments
  7. Best thoughts to Darryle, Bernard, The Lovely Lisa. Best thoughts to Mick, Keith, Ronnie. Very best thoughts toMrs. Shirley, Seraphina , and her family. Mrs. Shirley and Charlie made their marriage work. That was a best gift they could give their daughter. I saw Stones on SteelWheels tour and a 1990s tour. Both LASuperdome. RS tour holds the rank as biggest the biggest attendance crowds there pulling in around 80,000 each tour .Only SuperBowls there at theSuperdome have had biggest attendance crowds of around 80,000.
  8. Yes. Honoring Charlie and all things must come to an end.
  9. https://www.kerrang.com/features/slash-guns-n-roses-were-a-gang-that-walked-into-a-room-like-you-dont-want-to-f-ck-with-us/ New. Sorry if posted. I did search and did not see it so merge . Long article, good,interesting. I have read it all.
  10. Happy , healthy Beautiful Baby Girl Sorum n Mom. Best to the. Matt is good n lucky. He got it right. GnR bygones should be bygones. He is far richer than Axl.. Money, all of it is , not all there is. No congrats by no GnRs guys, I think. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRpT9mMDpaX/
  11. HBO has a really good concert show, very entertaining by Bruce . It is called Western Stars, his new music. Good music. Reflective. Music fits this age and stage in his life. Bob Clearmountain is a producer of the show. Musical arrangements by Patti the Mrs. Check it out.
  12. For those who said they cannot ge the show, cable network. Go to www.REELZ.con REELZ and see if you can see it there.
  13. I would still pop in. Other good threads other than just GnR stuff.
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