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  1. Oohhhh, I am going against popular opinion here. I am not doing “Read the room,” no. Lol. I just dont GnR going there with the three of them doing new music. Nothing can top what was. Slash us very busy working on MKandS, the Conspirators. See his and his lady’s Insta.
  2. @DEMI-GOD @EvanG Yes. They are all greying. They are all 55 +over . Greybeards—— Slash n Steven
  3. I will be so godamnm relieved when this muthafukcin election is over. I did not vote 2016. I did not vote for Hillary. Too much baggage with her. I could not vote for Trump. I will vote for Biden- Harris. I dont really like the policy of Buden- Harris. The old , crazy freebies talk, utopia of 1970s Democrats. The Republican Party , led by Trump, truly evil. A crazy racist, old rich, White man as POTUS. Then you have Pence. A true Demon , but who is sane. Trump, if he wins, will probably die during the next four years. Pence would be POTUSA. At least Biden is sane. Trump and Bid
  4. 2 or 3 i times n my life. 1980s , a long time ago. Decades ago. Louisiana. 1 or 2 concerts . I can remember . I am not sure if I saw GnR 2 times because I saw Motley Crue and GnR may have the been opening band for that tour. I know I saw GnR once for sure. Hey, it was free for me so that is why I cannot remember. Long story short, I worked at my university arena and got to see some free shows. 2nd or 3 rd show, NITL tour last year, Austin. And that is enough for me in my lifetime.
  5. These are pretty pinball machines. Really nice. Big. Colorful. Bright. Total arcade , authentic looking. I see no reference to Steve, Matt, Gilby, and what was the other guy, some other guy...what's his name....not important. He did nothing, brought nothing to GnR. Nah, nothing. No one. Lol. I agree with some of you , ok. A pinball machine. Definitely the thing for someone to buy with a lot of space at one of their homes like a game room and a theater and a family room and a kids den and a formal living room and lots of money collecting dust. Whatever. No.
  6. GnR have NEVER MADE SENSE, in a comical way on things. Way back when in the AFD, UYIs, under the influences, 30-35 years ago, yeah, they managed to get some shaving cream and a Bic , at least. Shave. Maybe other things let go, like them all getting uuhhh, ummm , STD of crabs , but hey, they liked a fresh, nice shaved face. I guess that was impt. Axl looked really good in his younger day lightly bearded. Slash, looked scruffy , but good. Kind of sexy there. Danger sexy, lol. Steve , he has morphed into looking like a look- a- like brother of DavidCoverdale and Rob
  7. Just saw at the daily mail. Him, this one. Not surprised. He lost lots of his tongue in cancer and just looked like he was ailing these past years. I also know someone in my world passed away this year after throat or some cancer there. Best to his wife. Best to Valerie, his ex wife , Wolfie. They were friendly divorced and Valerie was cordial/ friendly with Ed’s wife. Bygones are bygones after age and time and life moves on.
  8. I am going to guess ,probably not. no point for him to do so.
  9. Watching tight now- Real Time with Bill Mahr Last movie watched- Obsession with Meki Phiefer. Good acting. It is on Sho or HBO. A thriller. Russian mail order bride marries rich, old, very , very nice man. Young Black guy is hired. Hmmmm.....A mystery. Things happen. A chick flick, lol, if you want to call that , ok.
  10. Amy Coney Barret of Louisiana is it. A whackadoodle of a crazy religion , Praise people something. Qualified, yes. Young ? Yes. She will have a 30 year judgeship there at SC. Can she be a SCJ ruling by the Constitution, laws....? I hope so . I hope she gets in there like SCJ Sandra Day OConnor. She did not rule by the political party that put her in office.
  11. Phrases- leg to stand ....break a leg....get a leg up...etc. Ok. I don’t have have a disability. I think we have pc ourselves into stupidity. I am butting in. No one was talking to me. That saying , in reference to Duckworth, NOT funny. No.
  12. To all of you in CA , and the western coast states, best to you. Someone told us of the natural way and why, unfortunate for humans, that nature starts these fires . One fire in CA was started by 2 stupid muthafukcer azzholes and their triflin, ignorant, know nothing family and friends by having a gender reveal party in which you set ablaze some kind if pryo sh it and watch it turn blue smoke or pink smoke. No brains , no common sense because the ultimate goal is have the most extreme thing for social media. Lord help the child of that union.
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