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  1. "I'd be the last to say 'don't follow your heart' but there's more to what it takes to be a man..."

    1. rocknroll41


      Then what you know, and what you’ve shown, then what we know you understand

  2. "So if you ask me to believe your heart won't go alone it's got a mind of it's own..."

  3. Delete your mail, your at max capacity. PM me

  4. If the guy who recorded these is still on here, thank you for sharing these. Fantastic footage from an intriguing part of the bands history. One of my favorite versions of Knockin' On Heaven's Door

    1. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      yes great footage with incredible quality. Almost half the show front row.

  5. Best reply ever.

  6. Celtic vs Tottenham in July, looking forward to it ;)

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