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  1. I'll need to find the original topic that this spawned from.


    These gold and platinum figures, in most of the countries, are based on shipments to retailers and not sells to the public.


    Despite that, arguing with the OP is for fools.


    At the very best scenario, CD sold 1.8 million by 2011 since there confirmed one million left over at Best Buy. There are no other certifications from the countries that certify based on shipments. There is no proof that anything else sold. Everything else in this blast from the past lol worthy topic is bullshit. Cya.

  2. 11 hours ago, SoulMonster said:

    He did?? I never saw that.

    You are such a liar.:facepalm:


    We went over it for days. The sales figures are mostly by orders to retailers, NOT actual sales. That is why many ended up in dollar stores. The album did not sell well with the public.


    "Extrapolate." Remember?

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  3. 3 hours ago, sonofnazareth said:

    I care about the spirit/feel (things which are important in rock n' roll) and Gilby has it...Fortus doesn't. If we are talking about 'talent', both Fortus and Gilby are talented in what they do..that may or may not suit the sound of GNR..but Gilby was/is the closest fit in terms of the spirit/feel of the playing after Izzy left. 

    I don't think any musician is more talented than another in general..most musicians have something unique to offer...but this is about GNR..a down n' dirty, rough n' ready, outcast rock n' roll band...you can't take a 'pro' musician and put them in the mix and expect it to work...you have to have guys with the right vibe/spirit/feel. 

    I can't imagine that there was a good feeling from Gilby's disastrous SCOM cover.

  4. Of course it's a money decision. It was always going to be the catalyst for a reunion. If anyone thought they lived in a world where the 5 guys would magically say, "yay. Let's forget everything and be good friends," they were fooling themselves. I know some like to look at celebrities as alternate beings on a high plain but it's not like that. They are still people with grudges and egos.

    It's also funny how the best news to come out of the GNR scene in 20 years results in many finding reasons to piss and moan. You'd think a neglected fanbase would at least find some positive in the reconciliation they currently have. Life is progressive and any return to the original 5 will also be progressive and the band just took a huge first step.

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  5. I don't know how they managed to pull it off without Gilby. Clearly, as long as Axl and Slash are on stage together, the audience will approve. Duff only improves the reception and Izzy, Steven/Matt would make it even better.

    A few purists thought it would need to be a complete AFD reunion and ONLY AFD for it to be a huge event. Then a few thought that having any nugnr member over someone like Gilby would be a failure. Neither are true.

  6. I don't think it makes sense for the money to be split equally. Both Duff and Slash can play how many gigs they want. Axl destroys his vocal chords with every show.

    Da fuq is this?

    well if Axl does ruin his voice thats a career end for him...so i see where hes coming from

    Or Axl could sing correctly and rehearse.

    His point was crazier than eating fruit loops on acid while standing on Manson's shoulders.

  7. I'm quite amazed at how little attention and press this info seems to be getting. I used to get texts from people about e.g. New Guns tour announcements. Haven't heard from anyone.

    Most bizarrely, Rolling Stone have NOTHING on their homepage about Slash returning! Their bit about Coachella has been dropped down. Rolling Stone used to have major headlines every single time ANYTHING happened in the last years whether a tour or lineup change or interview.

    What's up with that?

    Everyone is probably bitter that they aren't getting interviews and such. "Fuck us on the scoop and there will be no scoop on our end."

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