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  1. Chance of catching Covid-19 from surfaces less than previously thought, scientists claim | ITV News
  2. Very few transmissions are from surfaces, anyways dont want to derail the thread into a Covid one
  3. Can you spread COVID-19 if you have the vaccine? The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19 infection, and a full course will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill. We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus, but we do expect it to reduce this risk.31 Dec 2020
  4. It's ok his paid followers/ bots still seem to be enjoying it... He should really get a new social media company though because it's a little bit obvious..
  5. Even much the social media chatter he/his bots are reacting too are fake accounts if you dig into them 🙊 This entire thing is one big fat lump of #fakenews
  6. I would also hazard a guess that everybody in the video wasn't paid because it's his buddy's there's a limo with a logo on it and a guy wearing the same logo t-shirt on the sofa kissing a girl never mind a bunch of other similar stuff, the midget girl is from the dancing toy car video from a few months ago too, probably told them all how good it would be for their careers 🤣 keep clicking those YouTube links Ashba, how else are you going to explain to the labels and investors where all your followers have gone and why arent they engaging, if that shit show tours anywhere bigger than a free app
  7. I think the video ends with a glimpse into his future, his fake follower count is dropping like a rock and the stats on these things are laughable, maybe he needs to scam another girl friend or two to front him some $$$ again......
  8. The poor mans Adele lookalike singer usually performs to thronging crowds of 100 people at https://www.samstownlv.com/experience/entertainment-venues/roxys
  9. Dumpy little Venga Boy wannabee with the wife controlling it all it seems 🤣 Hmmm this video must be a fake because "According to a press release, Ashba is "the first artist to combine multiple genres with EDM into one unique, explosive sound.""
  10. Who can cringe the most watching this........
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