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  1. Looking forward to hearing Pretty Tied Up. I hope Slash sticks to what he wrote and doesn't noodle the solos.
  2. Watching Seinfeld for the first time. Boring and unfunny as hell. Am I too late for this kind of humor? I don't know if I should continue or just watch something else. Currently watching Season 2 Episode 4.
  3. Or Chile '92. Or Paris '93. Those were the days his tone was absolutely killer. Now he sounds all flat because he insists on using his godawful signature equipment.
  4. Slash trying to noodle the November Rain solo should be sacrilegious.
  5. Slash ruined Dead Horse. Ax, surprisingly, sounded pretty good -- specially on the chorus.
  6. Those lyrics are probably Axl's greatest accomplishment as songwriter. Ever.
  7. Waaaaaaaaaaay better version of Locomotive this time around. Such a killer track.
  8. The only thing I care about is the band playing Locomotive as many times as they possibly can. Nice to see they played it here.
  9. The stupidest part of the story is whoever this Rick guy is and other fans paying $15,000 for the CDs. The fuck is wrong with them?
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