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  1. I wanted to hear the McDaddy line between the hey hey's lol Honestly I don't believe the mix to be terrible, but yeah I think the demo had that special rawness to it.
  2. But why are people so sure that a full concert pro-shot exists?, didn't they record just the PC video?, I'm really curious because I just started seeing these petitions a week ago, so I guess there's news about it.
  3. It seems so. A damn shame. The streaming had good audio and he only spoke when the songs came to an end.
  4. I really enjoy how the band is sounding. What is that Giant Stadium 1988 concert the people are mentioning? Is it a pro-shot recording?
  5. Damn. Could this be the end of the absurd gang?
  6. Oh I just found out about this. I see it as something absolutely fair, I mean, this forum has given me a really good place to express myself about this band whenever I want (and that's pretty valuable since nobody else I know wants me to say another word about GN'R again lmao). I'll be happy to support the idea as soon as I can when I get paid
  7. Never heard anything about it. I know this isn’t exactly the subject but I would love to know more!
  8. I really wish with all my heart the reunion would’ve happened at that time.
  9. I’m really waiting for midnight to see someone say: “plan’s changed”.
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