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  1. I’m really waiting for midnight to see someone say: “plan’s changed”.
  2. Yes, frontal lobe of the brain. Black people used to be slaves back in the day in most countries. Still doesn’t make it alright. That’s a really bad appeal to tradition type of fallacious argument, but okay I guess.
  3. “Fan service”: a 25 year old man sleeping with a 14 year old that hasn’t even fully developed her frontal lobe. Just gross.
  4. LOL, yeah, because that should be the way a giant band like GN’R operate. I can totally imagine James Hetfield going on Metallica forums and deleting everything related from his band on Youtube plus cancelling the weekly videos after reading a comment that made him butthurt. Really normal. That’s life like Sinatra used to sing lol
  5. Looking forward to see a nice 2016 show today Fernandon’t. I hope he figured out how to properly use Windows Movie Maker this time lol
  6. So if we don’t get shit until 2030 you’re still going to be with the argument: “oh guys, no one predicted they would be back in 2014, stop complaining”. I don’t think that’s how a band (or music) works at all.
  7. Looking forward for more, speacially if it's a 2016 show. I hope the next one has some crowd sounds on it.
  8. I would've preferred a 2016 concert but still we're finally getting something. An CD was good. Axl sounds pretty rough on the high notes of DTJ though lol
  9. I mean i’ve heard a lot of bootlegs and I think there’s more concerts to upload from 2016 specially. Actually that’s what makes this whole thing suck, there’s actually some great material to use, even if they START with the WTTJ from Coachella I wouldn’t mind, ONLY if they keep uploading things in the next days.
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