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  1. That's fine! @MillionsOfSpiders just posted the quotes. Now I remember some of it. He said she was "very heavy". It seems this fact kind of caused an impact on him or smth, because it isn't relevant to the whole situation, but Axl was probably not used to see very heavy women around him Yeah, I know she stalked Justin Timberlake some years after she was locked for Axl's case.
  2. I dont remember this! Do you have those comments at hand to post here and refresh my memory? She was a heavy woman from the pics I saw. I wonder what came of her and where she is now....
  3. I don't know what gifs I have left in my storage.... Let's see....
  4. NAILED IT!! what the fuck is that?? loooooooool... When you snort food, does it go to your brain or to your belly?
  5. @triad sounds like you had a lot of fun and that's what shows are about So cool you got to see so many bands and Marilyn Manson!! Thanks for the reply and the photos <3
  6. Where did you saw them? Did you like the show? Martial arts are good exercise for staying in shape. I've not seen Rob Z in a thousand years and I only remember him as a bunch of hair
  7. I was thinking that we could celebrate the 1000 page of WT posting our favorite GN'R videos but then I checked my YouTube playlists and they are all "removed"
  8. And all of a sudden I was wondering................... ARE THERE ANY GN'R VIDEOS STILL AVAILABLE ON THE INTERWEBZZZZZZZZZZ??
  9. I love your energy to connect the dots with these things!! Very funny but I think Greta has no one damn clue about who Izzy is or even Guns N' Roses But she's better off that way! FINALLY BEYOOOOOOOOOOOOTCH!!! Hegemonic beauty and health don't go hand in hand. Someone can be healthy and NOT BE Gigi Hadid........ telling us to look at ourselves is weird...... like you assume what people look like here just because we talk about Axl's weight. There's no correlation between topics. Also saying "probably it's time to eat" it's not the best advice you can post
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