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  1. Oh I see what you mean now. I didn't know this! A friend of mine who is in her 40's used vaccine hunter and got her astra zeneca shot in record time. (toronto area). If you like I can try and find out where she signed up. But of course it does all depend on who has supply and for how long.
  2. @downzyI think that kind of roll out is pretty much par for the course everywhere. Usually there is a County website sign up, which is what my parents in Ontario used, and then you can branch out to pharmacy wait lists etc. They did the same thing here in Kansas and it was very successful. Did you join vaccine hunters Canada?
  3. In the clip he says ‘ I was beginning to think you guys were going to be a no-show’ bah haha! I hope the rest of the episode has subtle references like that!
  4. Felt so bad for everybody in Texas. What did you and your family do for heat? Glad your power is back on!
  5. So Soon's been banned and Diesel Daisy has been run off with pitchforks. Good going people! Who the heck is going to keep SoulMonster halfway in check now?
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