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  1. I just started listening and I'm actually quite enjoying this. Very thoughtful commentary and good analysis
  2. Doing the litho book would be right up the alley of Taschen - it's a German publishing house, which specializes in exclusive, limited edition printed books with a hefty price tag. For example, here's their book on Alex Steinweiss (inventor of modern album cover) with the collection of his works https://www.taschen.com/pages/en/catalogue/music/all/05039/facts.alex_steinweiss_the_inventor_of_the_modern_album_cover.htm Edition of 1500, 1000 bucks each I bet they could sell at least as many copies of the litho collection for at least as much per book. That's easy money fo
  3. I'm still waiting for that coffee table book with all the lithos - probably once the NITL is officially closed...
  4. Wow, lithos trading at 2 large already... And I thought I was acting silly coughing up 300 quid for London's Ripper a couple of years ago. But 2 grand for a litho - that puts Dutch tulip mania to shame Or may be it just the Economics major in me speaking
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