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  1. 23 hours ago, AlexisGolnas said:

    How come everyone who is going to a show end up having a blast but the guys in the forum reading every time the same setlist is disapointed? 

    Guess what? U should be dissapointed for not attending a show. Songs arent played for you to enjoy at home. If youre tired of reading the same letters of a setlist in a forum, dont bother reading.

    Shows arent made for forum users.

    The rest of you going to a show, have a blast 🤘 (Setlist was awesome, u crazy)

    Hear, hear!!

    This nails it 100%!! 🤘

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  2. 11 hours ago, pastortine said:

    Manchester, and the surrounding cities, are fairly rural areas.  There are a handful of people in the area who do Uber and Lyft, but for the most part they travel to Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Chattanooga to run their services. (45 minutes to an hour away)  I don't know if I would bank on either of those services.  There are a few taxi services as well, but for the most part they are privately owned vehicles.  I do know a couple of people doing Uber... I'll ask them for a little more info.


    Thank you so much for the info! Yes, I would appreciate to know if I can rely on a ride service or just rent a car at Nashville Airport (which is expensive for the whole weekend). 

  3. On 4/23/2019 at 7:59 PM, pastortine said:

    Someone commented about this festival taking place on the Bonnaroo festival grounds.  I live 15 minutes from there, and the owners have been talking about doing more than just Bonnaroo there for several years now.  Local talk a year ago connected Guns to a solo date there during the last NA leg of NITL.  Supposedly they couldn't make it work last year.  The local 'rednecks' are gonna love this 'lame redneck festival'... 


    Is there uber /lyft service in Manchester? I tried even Googling for taxi companies there and found few weird options. I called a number for a taxi that I found, and no response. But if there is uber /lyft then great! 

  4. 38 minutes ago, RecipeForDisaster84 said:

     Im not a very good sketcher,so when I was trying to find a AFD cross with none of the band members skulls on it,ya know just the bare purple/gold cross alone,closest I found was almost an entire bare AFD cross but it had the Skeleton hand giving the middle finger while grasping the bottom of the cross.That was awesome enough So I just worked around that.i found out later that that Skelton middle finger hand was sketched by a fan from the official GNR online forums or Nightrain or whatever it’s called on their Fan Art section,I forgot her name but she deserves some credit.

    That was Riot-of-Paints who came up with the idea of the skeleton hand holding the cross. :)

    And you gave her credit at that time, which was very cool of you: "Thanks to you riotofpaints,I used your skull hand cross to come up with the Coachella idea which they ultimately used! 

    I don't know how to insert screenshots but if you're still a Nightrain member, here is the link to where you both talk about it. :)


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