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  1. Great summary @estrangedtwat. This leg had a ton of "fun" lithos. I wish I could have caught a show this round. I came close to going home for bottlerock, but well laid plans. I love these new lithos, and hope to get my hand on a peanuts one someday. My kids can fight over it when I am dead haha. Shifting to lighter themes and the movies/sports tie ins just made for a lot of great pieces, while still giving the city pride. Great stuff by the artists. And Buhler is just a fucking legend.
  2. The colors in the photo I got looked like how black light posters glow a bit. The red looked like the reds in a black light poster. Glad you are digging yours.
  3. Does it look as much like a black light poster as I thought it did in the text I got?
  4. I'm going to have to hunt down the peanuts one, its incredible. It touches a soft spot to me. Snoopy was a popular character in my youth. But even more so due to location. I bounced around the bay area a lot as a kid. My parents, before their divorce, settle in Santa Rosa. You all may not know, but its where the Peanuts museum is. As a kid we spent a ton of time at the Schulz ice rink. Even for field trips, we would take the kindergarten kids and push them around on those plastic chairs with the metal legs. Charles would drive the Zamboni over the ice time to time and give our trips hot chocolate. Such classic memories of my childhood. Years later the town had mini statues of the gang re-imagined by artist all over the globe. My kids loved it, I have a million pictures. So in short. I fucking love this one. Edit if anyone can snag an extra.....Im your guy.
  5. I remember that one. Gotta make fucking lemonade! I'm an asshole for not having all of mine framed yet. I just dont have a wall big enough for them!
  6. @k12 you my friend are a fucking savage. way to find beauty in it.
  7. I'm absolutely never listing that one. Road tripped home, first reunion show I saw. Sentimental. I'm fortunate to have a decent sized collection as my brother has no kids and has seen 10ish shows? Picking up his lame older brother lithos along the way. I think I still need a ton of frames.
  8. Wait my pristine SF is worth 800 bucks? I feel like George Jefferson. Or an actual art collector.
  9. Thats shady AF. Who ever did that should change it immediately.
  10. Ulrich, you are a fucking G! What a gentleman. No offense to you Coma, art is subjective. We all have our favorites and ones we think aren't up to snuff. I just think that was about the best kind of response. Especially after all the drama up in here. Mad respect.
  11. I got a pic from my brother of the San Jo litho. The red is much more vivid than the pic I saw posted here. It almost has a black light look to it.
  12. Is there an opener? What time gnr hit the stage?
  13. Can someone explain who the fuck all these people are in here? Hahaha I never seen this place so lit. Sorry I'm sure I should know, but I only troll this sub.
  14. I dig the Montana one! The kenevil helmet is so fuckin rad.
  15. @facefirst your next 3 designs are killer. Hats off to you. I dont really have words for the shitshow, awful.
  16. I think the perspective is the best thing about it. Its so unique in the angle. The blast of reds all over the icy white (with so many being so dark). It ties so well to the city, if I was from Fargo I would probably love it even more. This one is a homerun to my eyes. Aint art fucking great that way?
  17. 250 seemed to be the norm. You can check out lithorati.com to see the full counts. Some had more, some less.
  18. That was a fun trip. Thanks for sharing. Great stuff. Is it odd the one I couldn't stop looking at was the Beastie Boys Pez? I really enjoyed looking at your creations wishing I had some tshirts.
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