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  1. Oh My God - Guns N' Roses - Vocal Cover Not very recent, not very accurate, but hopefully enjoyable
  2. Thanks man, I've already been taking an antibiotic since the third day, but it looks like it needs more time to leave me alone. And I can't take the antibiotic for more than two weeks. I guess I'll have to wait and seeeeee, ow!
  3. It's like you've been spying me these days ahah I plan to do a Love Hurts cover, but in better days, because I had a bad cold and still fighting with my tonsils. Actually my right tonsil, it's like I have a testicle in my throat right now ahah I laugh, but it's going on from two weeks now and I'm fuckin tired of it. Anyway, I love Dan Mccafferty and I've been listening to Bad Bad Boy a lot too, this week
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qJdu9rodRY Another one I forgot to share here too
  5. Yeah, I've been asked from other people too, but I'm more into this kind of style of singing at the moment Anyway, today was what I think of as the last day I've had time to record something, because I'll have very less time from now on. I was tryin' to record Street Of Dreams and even though I'm not happy at all with what I did in the most part of the song, I was happy enough with the final part. I'll leave it here for you to listen, if you want to https://we.tl/t-kErZvV2m14
  6. Thanks man. Actually no, it doesn't hurt at all but it does dry my throat a little after a few songs so I need to drink some water. Yes, it took me a few takes in different days because I usually have time with stopwatch on, sadly .-.
  7. Headphones are recommended, so you can hear the chair's creaking very well too lol
  8. Hey, thanks again! Nope, I didn't double it, I recorded another high clean vocals line where you hear it like it was doubled with the same track in the rest of the song, but it's not. There are parts with and without a "double" recording, to match the demo style. It kinda depends of what you mean by "doubling" ahah in that case the answer might be "yes" but, to make it short, it's just another track with high and cleaner line of vocals
  9. Ahaha you didn't expect that at the end huh? thank you!
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