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  1. in 2018 Kendrick Lamar only released 3 songs for bbc, one year later someone from the bbc leaked the entire concert on youtube, we were not so lucky
  2. slipknot is broadcasting the show at the download festival, impressive the sound and video quality, gnr should do the same.
  3. other shows that the band / axl has: download festival 2006 reading festival 2010 download festival 2018 miami SBMF 2020 if you could only get 1 which one would you choose?
  4. I've been debating in a Brazilian forum about shows that were filmed with the intention of becoming a DVD but never were released, the shows remembered: pukkelpop 2002 Hammerstein 2006 STURGIS 2010 Los Angeles 2016 who knows more?
  5. based on the band's recent performances if you could choose only two songs to play on tv which one would you choose?
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