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  1. Really enjoyed the podcast, thank you for taking the time to post this up for us. Im looking to add any litho I don’t have into my collection. If you’re thinking of selling please make contact (I have approx 40 in my collection)
  2. I have a Moscow 2018 A3 lithograph 164/250 if anyone is interested in trading for another Lithograph?
  3. For me it's a bit different in holy grail items I'd like a RIAA Platinum Record for AFD (one of the band member ones) Footage from early concerts at the Troub or Roxy Dirty Harry San Francisco Lithograph
  4. Have tracked down Philadelphia and Chicago 2017, still looking for others, ANY Litho I don't have to be honest
  5. I'd love to see Dead Horse as an opening... Could you imagine them being behind a curtain with the slow intro playing, then the curtain drops and Axl screams whoooooaaaaahhhhhh!
  6. Anyone think Gold Coast will sell out? Being so close to Brisbane I want to go to both but also watching the Covid situation in the USA in particular
  7. Anyone have a Brisbane Yellow Surfer Lithograph? I have the shirt and would love to add the Litho. Thanks to @megaguns1982for the hookup with Purple Surfer At least I'm not one of those guys asking for Kobe/Cincinnati/London etc lol.
  8. Hey all. Does anyone on this thread have any Litho's for sale? I went to the Brisbane show but being in Australia there weren't many shows here to collect. Would love help on any lithograph really
  9. Found the Wellington one, ANY show at all would be of interest to me
  10. The first has landed in Australia at the one & only JJP Distributer, not sure how it got here either boat or plane
  11. There are some places on the map outside the USA but it's certainly USA centric. On the note about the map they didn't quite get all the places. Adelaide in Australia was missed out, I know that being an Australian
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