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  1. Here are some unpopular opinions: 1: robin finck should have never left the band, they sounded a lot better with him. 2: sweet child is overrated (I'm not saying it sucks, it's just overrated). I wouldn't put it on my afd top5, let alone considering the whole catalog 3: the 2014 tour was really fun 4: I don't think the band as it is right now is capable of doing a true, good sounding record, relevant in any level. All I can imagine them coming up with by themselves is a bunch of cliche sounding songs And finally: I think @Voodoochildwould be an amazing addition to
  2. One of the things that being on gnr message boards for the last 20 years (damn, my back just cracked by writing this sentence) is that "if it's on the internet, it must be true". Nothing to see here, guys. Smile and wave.
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