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Marilyn Manson


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I had 2 invitations to go see Marilyn Manson last night, I already had tix but I was invited in a private loge with open bar,

I'm not that crazy to refuse such a offer!

I wanted to go see him because I was curious about what kind of show he was giving.

First part was a unknow band, and they were really really really good, NOT!

Then Slayer jumped on stage for a 1h15 set. Oh god what can I say. It was sad to see.

They can't play anymore. They look like a 4 guys trying to make it thru the setlist.

It was really sad to see.

Then there was Manson. I was expecting a stage with a lot of special effects. Forget it, just a plain black stage with a few 'electric' candles.

I really don't know what to say, the show sucks! The sound was awfull, Marylin was not moving on stage at all. Threw his mic a few

time and seem piss off. Someone next to me laugh and said :"Wow, is this a gnr show?".

After 'The bieutefull people", he left the stage and the house light when on. 55 minutes on stage and there was at least

2 minutes between every song.

I had backstage tickets, so we rushed there to see if the guy was still there. It's been 5 minutes before the show was over and he already

left the building.

Thank god for the loge, the open bar and the bieutefull barmaid that was there, at least, there was something good from that show!

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Manson doesn't seem to have the passion in his performance anymore.The shows used to be amazing.

However,when the last Manson tour came to Toronto I was bored shitless.

I was tempted to go to this tour...mostly out of curiosity (and to watch Slayer fans skin Manson fans alive),but quite honestly,I can't be bothered.

I didn't even bother buying the new Manson cd.I always wondered when he was going to stop believing his own hype,and it appears it's happened.He seems to be going through the motions.

Manson's shtick ended when he started shmoozing on talk shows and partaking in the holiest of Christian rituals...marriage. **GASP**

He's yesterdays news...and Montrealer's review confirms it.

Sounds like it was dreadfully boring,thanks for the heads up,there was always the last minute temptation to go...but that confirms it's a waste of time.

And Slayer...pfffttt,don't care one way or the other anymore.

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Yep you're dead right about Manson!

Saw him in 2001 and it was great! There was still passion and energy - they we're opened by Disturbed, so all together one of the best gigs I've ever seen.

Also I think that this Skold guy sucks on stage and also at writing songs. Manson wrote best work with Ramirez, Berkowitz and Gacy - ok even Zum too. His work with Skold is just so crappy. It's a shame but I feel that Holy Wood was the last decent record we'll ever get from this guy.

But to me the lameness has also alot to do with the other members of the band. It just doesn't feel the same without M.W. Gacy and T.Ramirez. And of course I would prefer Daisy Berkowitz on guitar too, or at least John5.

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I saw Manson back in 1997 at the Bizarre Festival and it was brilliant.He was playin´in the afternoon and most of the crowd didn´t know what to expect.He won over the crowd.Pure passion.

This year i saw him at the Hurricane festival and he seemed bored and exhausted.He couldn´t pull off the tracks anymore.

His voice was horrible and the sound sucked,too.

Short setlist,lame crowd reaction.

I really like the new album,though.

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