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Brain's drumstick from his LAST show

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Alright, I didn't really want to part with this but I need money for Van Halen tickets, so here it is. Up for sale is a used drumstick from Brian (Brain) Mantia, formerly of Guns N' Roses. Many of you have seen my collection and know that this is the real deal. I recieved this at KROQ's Inland Invasion in September of 2006. For those of you who follow the new band, you will know that this was his last show with Guns N' Roses. It was handed to me directly from a stage tech of GN'R's after the show. I was just standing at the edge of the stage in my MEAN MACHINE jersey and red bandana and he saw me and came up and handed me the stick. I have had it up on my wall next to Steven Adler's stick(see picture below) ever since i recieved it. Now, it is time to sell it. I figured that I am not the biggest fan of the new band as my heart lies with the old guys so I thought that offering it here, there's a chance that it would go to someone who appreciates much more than I do. PM me with any reasonable offers, I will watch all the offers come in for a couple days and then decide who it will go to.

So here it is.....





If you have any questions, or if you want more pictures, feel free to ask me.

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hmm i'd be interested to know what this sells for.

I have matts used drumstick from a VR show and would like to have an idea what it worth :unsure:

I don't really put a value on anything I own. It's how much it is worht to you or if you want to sell it, how much someone is willing to pay for it.

I've got a couple of matt's sticks, one is actually from there Whisky A Go Go show and I got it signed by him a week later.

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