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'I fear Amy Winehouse will die young,' says Mick Jagger


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Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has spoken of his concern for troubled singer Amy Winehouse.

She was scheduled to perform with the group two months ago as part of their Bigger Bang tour but dropped out after her addictions spiralled out of control.

Jagger told The Sun: "Amy is a brilliant artist who makes fantastic music. She has class. But I'm worried she might die if she goes down the road that she has taken."

He later added: "If only she would sort herself out. It is hard as your mind has to make that switch.

The veteran performer says he could easily have suffered a similar fate.

"If my mind had not always told me that I should not do too much I could have ended up like Amy years ago. But I always had that voice in my head that kept me on my toes and told me to stop altogether in the end. I realised I didn't want to die young."

"Hopefully Amy will come out of the other side with equanimity and a new lease of life."

Meanwhile, Winehouse's personal life is facing more drama, with new reports alleging her marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil is in trouble.

The pair have rarely been seen together in recent weeks, and Winehouse's friends are said to be encouraging her to leave after deeming him a bad influence.


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Er..I know this probably isnt the right thing to crack a joke about. But I dont listen to the Stones, so I dont really know who Amy Winehouse is...but let's be honest, isnt it a bit ironic to be a drug-addict and have your name be Winehouse? :rolleyes:

The Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse are seperate. The Rolling Stones is a band fronted by Mick Jagger and Amy Winehouse is a solo artist. You probably know more Stones songs than you realize..

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