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To any of the admins:


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Would it be possible to have an Election 2008 sticky or something (most likely in the Anything Goes subforum)? I come across a lot of informative, interesting articles surrounding the candidates - But I don't want to spam the AG forum since there are so many non-US forum members and also a bunch of US forum members who just don't care about the presidential election.

So if there was a place that could be used as a collection of articles, debates, candidate profiles, etc - I think it would be helpful, informative and interesting. What are your thoughts? Any chance of this happening?

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Why does it need to be a sticky mate? Why don't you just make a 2008 Election thread and post all your articles and discussion in there.

To be honest with you, sticky's tend to get less views than normal threads. You'd actually get more interest and discussion if your thread wasn't a sticky.

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