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Vincent Vega

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I was (still am to be honest) quite drunk and had to defend him a bit tonight ironically enough.

I think a lot of the racist accusations thrown against him were unfounded (though I still love Public Enemy) and he really was a pioneer. Truly an amazing musician.

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Hey, what's your opinions on Elvis? When did it became ''unpopular'' to like him? Can any of you recommend me some good songs from before he went into the Army and also good songs from 1968 to his death.

Ya, know this might sound really weird and stupid - but I say start with his movies. All his movies have at least 5-10 songs in them...and you got some acting aswell.

Hey it turn me on to him!!!

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it was unpopular to like him to a degree because of his constant compromises. he compromised music for a film career during the 60s, the point in which all the Elvis-inspired artists were breaking into the mainstream, it was unpopular to like him because he joined the army, which is considered an act of conforming to the establishment (when Elvis was initially considered pretty anti-establishment although not by any manueuvering on his part) and also because, he seemed to apologise. like the whole hip swinging furore and Elvis ends up going on like, i think it was then Steve Allen show? in like tails and shit, singing Hound Dog to this dog, they were just making him look ridiculous. i think, because at Elvises point in time there had been no prescedent, no path to follow so he made a lot of mistakes on the way. Also, he was sort of a rat which in the 60s/70s counter culture kinda pissed up the wrong trees. rat is a harsh term "honorary FBI Agent" is what i meant.

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