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  1. I never rely on the known for sections. Id rather look at their full listings. Get more of a picture, Rather than the highlights. Sidenote: Deepwater Horizon is one of my favorite films of all time..
  2. Depends on the crime. If someone steals a car and the victim has a heart attack die to the stress of the event then its not exactly a fair sentence. But if they shot the victim and they died of their injurys then yes it is Solitary confinement similar to death row. Unlike the whole life people who are fairly comfy
  3. That's a good performance. A pro shot would be cool to watch going by the sbd recording
  4. I've got one somewhere. Like zoso said it's ok but not great
  5. Fair enough. My baby girl has got a terrible case of chicken pox
  6. No disagreement there, I can't see them doing anything now. Slash and Duff might not have a problem working with Matt, But with how Jealous Matt clearly is, Would he want to work with Slash and Duff after being shoved aside? I know it's only hypothetical, But People never thought the NITL tour would happen
  7. Yes and No. For mundane crimes, no, it doesn't. However for the most deplorable crimes, Such as murder of a youth, War Crimes, Terrorism or exploitation of minors/vunerable, Then yes The death Penalty should still be used. This is a case I'm not overly familiar with, Though reading up what the case is about, it seems that a death sentance is deserving of the crime. However, Given her mental capacity at the time of the crime and at her execution however i think she should of been getting specialist help.
  8. Sounds like a bit of a shot to me. "I don't even know of you would call it music"
  9. I know Brain has said he wonders how Frank manages a 3 hour set as he (frank) is getting on a bit now
  10. Do you think Matt may have burnt any bridges for Velvet Revolver to get going again by doing so?
  11. All good this end. I was just seeing if people from 05/06 was still active. Not too many are. Hope all is well with you

  12. Unfortunatly they left it open for a followup/spin off I can see a movie similar to Hobbs & Shaw
  13. Have you seen the alternative ending for Breaking Bad? And on a side note I found Benekes accident to be very slapstick comedy. Reminds me of Home Alone
  14. Even reading that little interview he comes off a douche. I like him, don't get me wrong. But it sounds like his book is just going to be him bitching about how he was an outsider...
  15. Ah. Lucky people. Any ideas on when it will be released. I know it was pushed back at one point
  16. Is there a complete list of what shows are in circulation and in what format? I.e. Flac, Mp3, Soundboard/Audience, Video Pro-shot/Audience etc I've got a fairly comprehensive list, but was wondering if there was a complete master list?
  17. Update: I felt robbed after that film. Robbed of nearly 2 hours of my life.
  18. Just sitting down to watch Bad Boys for Life. First impression is Martin Lawrence put on a lot of weight
  19. So saying for arguments sake that "silver bullet" is a silver cd and is a recording for the ritz 88 and that 20/01/91, 23/01/91, 02/07/91 are all available as live audo is fine.
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