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Buyer beware...FYI


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Before I start, I just want to say that I believe the seller of this item really thinks it's what he says it is, so you can't put too much blame on them. That being said, here's the link:


Now this is advertised as the original first pressing. First, it is a legitimate pressing from around 88/89. But it is not the first pressing. How do you tell? Look at the sticker on it. It says includes the hit single Sweet Child, and the song Welcome to the Jungle from the movie The Dead Pool. Sweet Child wasn't a hit single right off the bat (I'm thinking summer of 1988 but could be wrong there), and The Dead Pool wasn't even released until July 13, 1988 over a year after Appetite was released. I'm not saying that this is not a cool item or that it's not worth money. But it is not the original release. This is:


Just FYI


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Yeah, if you want to collect you have to get educated on what's what. I won a sealed 1st pressing on ebay maybe a year ago for $40. I don't even think I had anyone bidding against me. Some sellers just don't know what they've got, and clearly many buyers don't either.

The one I have even has the store's price sticker still on it. $6.99! Was vinyl really that cheap?

Anyways, it's just kind of cool knowing that this exact album I have now was a first pressing, something that was around when AFD hit and before it became famous. It's owning a piece of history.

My next big purchase GN'R wise will be the first pressing Japanese version AFD skull and crossbones cover. Or maybe WTTJ red vinyl.

Question: do you know how to tell a fake LLAS from a real one? I bought one on ebay even though I knew it was probably fake. All these sealed copies all of a sudden - yeah, right! One day I want to get a real one. I wonder if they only way you'd know for sure is if you were buying one that had some damage. Then it would almost have to be real.

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