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  1. Not always, and not in this instance.
  2. I've never seen anything like this, quite interesting!
  3. Apologies for not seeing this until now. That is a promo version, same as one of the ones I have.
  4. Here's everything that's inside: http://www.troccolitm.com/SpagCanWhiteLid.html?1267774407369
  5. Sorry, no idea. Never heard it or heard about it until today.
  6. Dang man, you just missed one that sold on eBay a few days ago.
  7. Oh man, I sure as hell hope so. Absurd could be another answer, Fuck Off, You're Crazy, Patience, Don't Cry, Sorry... I don't know, maybe some of those wouldn't work, but I thikn this could be done. I guess the real toy has 20 different answers. I thikn they could come up with 20 GNR-related phrases/sayings
  8. Hey everyone. I know a lot of you collect the solo stuff and could be looking for this. I am not the seller, but I know the seller and they are solid and trustworthy. https://www.ebay.com/itm/145218635611?fbclid=IwAR2sUzS0VS5ZDt9QOsKmZbNPhUCudzT0GO1FXtTZtbx80pKyuZQATGsHepM
  9. Agreed with Dean. Just another GNR mystery lol
  10. Pretty sure Dean is referring to this one: http://www.troccolitm.com/ShirtChiDemPro.html?1255895544093
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