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  1. I just want to be absolutely clear about something, and I apologize if I gave anyone any misconceptions. They never reached out about advice for the set. They reached out to me about the box, saying it's being worked on, wanted me to give them a list of things from my collection that I feel would go well with everything. But solicited or not, because I am able to contact them and they actually reply and all, I thought it would be cool to survey all of you for ideas regarding content. Simply because I knew that they were conducting research now, always more helpful what you know what to loo
  2. I don't know for a fact, but I'd imagine perhaps not. I am guessing they might still be recouping money from CD. I am still unclear if the label paid for that, Or Axl, or both, or what. But regardless, I would imagine they still ask the band/management to be involved. Don't need any more lawsuits/complications like Greatest Hits for example.
  3. The band was involved, Axl supplied personal photos, Duff came into the office periodically to check on things, etc. Could be, hard to say. Because even when the Appetite box was released, it wasn't released on the same day as when the album was first released, it was like 3 weeks earlier IIRC. Let's not forget too that like most places of work, COVID derailed things at Universal too. I am not blaming a new album/new tracks on that, but it did affect the production of the box. I don't mean the factory production, I mean the research, the design, etc. I think next summer too
  4. I don't know why the difference, but sealed MOP boxsets are selling for upwards of 2K on eBay lately! Yet not nearly the same for sealed KEA or RTL or AJFA. Strange. Same two favorite bands by the way
  5. That will all be between me and them, will not be sharing here. Not saying there has or has not been any communication.
  6. Hey there. Not much, but I haven't really asked for details either. Pretty much what I have said in the other thread remains it. It's all in that other thread. Thank you. Yep, indeed there is.
  7. Some new GNR Merch (unofficial or not???) for you here. And they have a BOGO sale going right now too: https://www.fashionnova.com/pages/search-results/guns n’ roses?fbclid=IwAR3qAxsApKqmeHtqOi_gGv7fVsOs5UUeFAK3RDaqlK7e8QyBmA_IX4kKgMk The description says a store for women, but to me, based on the sizes offered, I think anyone would be happy. And the prices are right! Less than $20 per shirt for me, incl. shipping and taxes!
  8. Another article not researched. Guns had a horn section supporting them when they opened for the Stones in 89, and I am pretty sure they had horns on stage for some songs even in the club days. No true journalism anymore
  9. For those so inclined, there is GNR pinball merch (other than the machines) on the Jersey Jack pinball site right now!
  10. 1st shirts sold in January of 1986: http://www.troccolitm.com/Shirt1st.JPG http://www.troccolitm.com/ShirtEarly.JPG http://www.troccolitm.com/ShirtEarlyAlt.JPG I'll try to insert the actual images later instead of just the links.
  11. I did buy it back when. IMO, very nice packaging, and the prints are nice too. Yeah, the price can always be better, not sure how that's determined or who makes the determination.
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