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  1. Well, the entire band opened for them in LA, along with the band Living Colour. But no, I can't find anything indicating that they performed any songs with the Rolling Stones during those 4 nights.
  2. That site has such amazing detail, truly impressive. Wish I could afford them, wish I could afford the first one, wish I had room for any of it!
  3. That recently released vid is from shows in Atlantic City. The shows mentioned here for a million bucks were the four shows in LA.
  4. To be clear, I don't have anything unreleased in terms of songs and/or video. From the standpoint of memorabilia, if they decide to do another book and/or mementos, I would imagine the answer would be yes then, quite a lot. But we haven't even gotten to that discussion yet.
  5. Unsure, but I would imagine the record company. I mean as far as I can tell, they weren't waiting on anything from the band that would have delayed things. Or maybe they were searching for something and it took a while to find? I really don't know. It might have been the phone call with me when I revealed (not that I was hiding anything, it's all on my site) everything I had, and the guy was actively redesigning the box as I was talking on the phone with him. Hard to say.
  6. Not that I have heard. I kind of wonder if this is going to be another "30th anniversary" boxset that comes a year or more after the fact.
  7. I basically just get the general ideas that everyone has and forward them on. As for specific shows, I try to go with ones that most people recommended, aftera all the gola is going to try to please as many people as possible. Hey there. No, I do not work with/for the band, just trying to help out in a friendly way, with the contact I have. Completely agree with everything you said regarding these albums!
  8. I have shipped these to friends in various corners of the world at this point - The UK, South America, Australia. No additional packaging was needed, these are packaged really well from the factory. Let me know if you have any questions, I have only used USPS, have not used DHL, or UPS, or FedEx.
  9. 2002 Press Kit: http://www.troccolitm.com/2002PressKit.html
  10. No worries man! But I don't think I was arguing with you, or anyone, just stating my opinions on the current subjects being discussed, that's all. Peace!
  11. Well right off the bat, the Erin Everly stuff. Then there was the Slash Juliens auction. Then there was Slash's red BC Rich Warlock guitar. That's just a few.
  12. Not yet, but sometimes they don't reply for a while. Plus you got fires, the pandemic, and everything else going on right now.
  13. Why not wade into this debate, nothing else to do! Here is another thing to eBay. This fucking nonsense where two bidders are just fucking with each other has happened MANY times before. The real question is whether or not the person is going to pay. Not much of a penalty for not paying, account gets suspended or deleted. BFD, just create another. On a personal note, I agree with Riki. And like him, I don't collect any of my GNR stuff (not just the lithos) for an investment. I think the only smart thing to collect as an investment is original art (if you can afford it) or gold/silve
  14. HOT TIP - if you order from the Stones' website, use the code STONES20 for a sweet discount!
  15. So there are 4 releases that I am aware of: The standard black Picture discs (both of these still available at the gnr online store) A gray, white, and red splatter vinyl from Walmart; can find it on their online store A gold, white, and red platter vinyl available in the UK; here is one site that had it (sold out now): https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Greatest-Hits-Gold-White-Red-Splatter-Vinyl/6MT90000000
  16. I haven't listened to it in some time, will have to dig it out. Can't remember from when I last played it. I do indeed.
  17. I see, thank you for the clarification! See, that's the thing. It kind of reminds me of the recent leaks. Do we really want a whole bunch of shit that's just a half decibel this or that? I would prefer to focus on truly unique stuff. I am out of reactions for today, but that is hilarious! I am responding to both the above posts here, plus the one from the member asking about the Charlotte show. There are a number of shows that we know are amazing. Now if we had to choose, we would prefer those amazing shows in the best possible quality we have ever seen/h
  18. Umm, and forgive my own ignorance here, but aren't the current UYI albums the Bill Price mixes? Pretty sure he mixed both of them and those mixes are what we hear when we listen to the records. Not trying to be a dick, just seeking clarification I guess. I didn't know if there were alternate mixes Bill Price had done or something like that. Thank you for this! I thought there was, but couldn't remember/find it. I know Duff was involved with the Appetite box. I suppose Axl was to a degree too since he provided the pics in the book, the pics of the band and band members.
  19. Hello everyone. I don't think it's any big secret that GNR is planning on releasing a UYI boxset sometime in the future, like they did for Appetite and Lies. Before we even get into it, I cannot guarantee that GNR will ever release this, I am just told that it is being planned. But they are in the research stage now but, as you can imagine, there is a ton to go through. I am referring to audio and video. For example the Bob Clearmountain mixes of UYI that Tom Zutaut mentioned. Since there's so much, they thought it might be easier to ask you guys what to look for, i.e., what you would li
  20. I own/have seen lots of test pressing not listed there. Don't get me wrong, it's a great resource, just not complete. I hear you there! I think I did once as well and had the same experience. I was really excited at first though!
  21. I am always searching for red hand vinyl or grenade vinyl but have never neither, nor have I heard of anyone finding one.
  22. And even I think I will pass, and have passed on a good deal of their previous stuff. The polo is weirdly designed. I might bite on the t-shirt but I already have the one they made for the Seattle Museum of Pop.
  23. Damn dude, all because of some t-shirt that GNR is selling? Kidding lol, glad to hear you will still hang around, sorry to see you go as an admin. Take it easy my friend!
  24. Anyone have the 2016 Cincinnati shirt, that you yourself bought at the show? If so, can you please post detailed pics? Thanks
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