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The Ting Tings, A great band or just sellout crap?

Gallagher Rose

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I quite like them, not sure how they've sold out because that's what they've always done. Surely the term 'sell out' means to move away from your routes to become more commericial, or to advertise something purely for the money etc etc - that's a debate for another day/thread.

Catchy tunes, festival crowds loved them over the summer.


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Maybe I'm not the only one but I tend to like bands that have talented musicians and are of legendary status or play fucking good rock music.

Quite fankly there are far far too many "filler" bands around. Seems like any band can get a spot at a festival but all they do is pad out the day before the big acts come on.

Even getting signed isn't as big as it used to be.

People remember Woodstock for Hendrix and the atmosphere. Most of the festival line up was fucking garbage. Not much has a changed.

Will The Tings Tings be remembered in 5 or 10 years time?

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I've watched their videos recently, the lead singer acts like Debbie Harry meeting Avril Lavigne and it sounds and looks artificial sometimes.

Anyway, I like the "Shut up and Let Me Go" video and tune, it's pretty decent. Are they good or crap like Paramore?

crap like Paramore? they're nothing like Paramore... but I like Paramore. XD

I think they're okay, and I like "Shut Up and Let Me Go" too. the video reminds me of Seven Nation Army. :xmasssanta:

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