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Beautiful Future


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good album

beautiful future

cant go back


glory of love

over & over

great tunes.

How would you rank their albums? amazingly diverse band. Their self titled album is one of my favourite good time rock n roll albums. The scream are without a doubt one of the most sonically inventive and innovative bands of all time, Screamadelica, Vanishing Point, Xtrmntr and Evil Heat are must have albums IMO, Thats not to say their other albums are rubbish, loads of good tunes.

like this one :)

Here's an amazing performance of Swastika Eyes

1. Xtrmntr

2. Screamadelica

3. Vanishing Point

4. Evil Heat

5. Beautiful Future

5. Primal Scream

6. Give Out But Dont Give Up

7. Riot City Blues

8. Sonic Flower Groove

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