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  1. Not enough whisky or GBH. Sinead O’Connor could probably beat the fuck of him. Drown him in his Speedos. Micheal Chiklis from The Shield but need to google his DUI record.
  2. They dead, you need to be annihilated on whisky smashing up bars with a pool cue to qualify. And be bald. Alive, bald and violent - a New Years resolution for everyone.
  3. The god of bald men at the very least.
  4. Imagine googling the Manson family after the movie to find out they killed Rick and Cliff in real life.
  5. I might not drink for the rest of the year.
  6. I ordered a Guinness from the bar. There was a tap there. But the Barman poured it from a can. Poor show. The shakes suggest some kind of liver issue. Everyone has to die of something.
  7. In sunny Penarth for a booze up. Nails and coffin provided.
  8. I think Bucket played on Oklahoma and Soul Monster so maybe there’s still some to come.
  9. Scour the earth. It’s all fine paying 80mil for Maguire but do some scouting. Tour the Irish non league.
  10. Whereas Pogba barely wants to play. But it means you don’t need a team of Messis but one would help.
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