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  1. Full concerts, a documentary of the tour and all leftover/unreleased material from the recording sessions.
  2. I’m trying to find the tracklist for the unreleased GN’R “The Very Best of” 2 disc set that was unreleased circa 2006. Someone posted the artwork and songs on here years ago and I had it saved for ages but I lost it and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Can anyone help me and please post the order of songs? The only thing I’ve got saved is the front cover artwork which is the red Chinese design that states “GN’R: Welcome to the Jungle - The Very Best of Guns N’ Roses” You know the one I mean. It had Black Leather and Locomotive in it.
  3. Ken Tamplin is actually one of the best vocal coaches out there and he’s a very talented singer. I bought his course a few years back (which wasn’t cheap) and his teaching method is legit. He is, however, a nutcase. After I purchased his course, I spoke with him a few times via Facebook as I made my way through it. He was very helpful and informative. On his personal Facebook account, I noticed that he posted a lot of crazy shit (most of it was religious jargon, which I ignored.) Until, he started posting anti-vaccine propaganda. I called him out on it and argued with him b
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