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White Stripes Bid Farewell To Conan.


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Before we got to it, here's some cool background I didn't know.

One night in the late 1990s, Conan O’Brien was hanging out in a Detroit bowling alley after shooting a remote segment with Ted Nugent (”I rode around in the woods with him, we had a guitar duel and then fired guns,” he recalls). “I have this vague memory of these really cool kids coming over and hanging out with us,” he says. “I knew nothing about them or what they did.”

A few years later, O’Brien learned he had met Jack and Meg White that day when he popped into a Saturday Night Live rehearsal to check out the White Stripes as a fan. He reconnected with the duo and kicked off a relationship that would become one of the most fruitful in late-night TV. The White Stripes will cap a big chapter of that history tonight when they appear on the last-ever episode of Late Night With Conan O’Brien before the host relocates to Los Angeles to take over The Tonight Show.

The Late Night gig will be the White Stripes’ first live performance since the duo canceled a tour in September 2007.

Read the whole article here

See it here, in chapter 5, with whole last NY show.




Great stuff, Jack seemed to even be getting choked up a bit.

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I'm sure I'm going to catch hell for this, but did anyone else think the White Stripes performance was one of the most horrible performances done by anyone, ever?

My wifes a huge stripes fan, so I've seen them play a million times, so I know they're capable, but last night, they just ate it.

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It was just unbearably sloppy. Perhaps Meg doesn't know how to play the guitar and he taught her the progression a week earlier or something. But the weren't in time with each other and it sounded like they were playing 2 entirely different songs.

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