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Gordon Comstock

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Awesome.... do they still open with dirty mind? they did in vancouver..... but i heard they changed it a bit every night on cruefest

do you remember any other songs? and is crazy bitch still the last song / encore and is it the 10 minute long version?

thnx for any help

They opened with Dirty Mind both shows I went to. They did the 10 minute version of Crazy Bitch. Other songs played were Everything, Sorry, Next 2 U, Lit Up, For The Movies, Broken Glass, & So Far.

They had a video screen on the stage showing all kinds of different stuff. Butterflies, naked hot chicks,etc....

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they opened for Avenged Sevenfold when I saw em, i just couldnt wait for them to get off. they played a 20 minute rendition of crazy bitch, it was horrible

normally im all for fun old hard rock with bluesy guitar solos but these guys try way too hard to pass themselves off as bad boys to be taken seriously, fuck em

as much as i like the last two albums i fuckin really wish A7X didnt go so mainstream <_<

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