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Hanoi Rocks - A Million Miles Away


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So here we are, the story that really ended in 1985 will hit the last stop in two weeks time. Hanoi Rocks -The best band ever come from Finland and a huge influence on GnR - will call it quits.

To me it's a shame caus they've actually made good stuff since their comeback. The song "A day late A Dollar Short" alone justified the reunion. And they've played good shows live too. But I guess they have had enough, so you gotta respect it.

The run of last shows at the Tavastia Club in Helsinkin (where it all started) will start next tuesday and all together there is 8 shows. I'll be attending at least the first one. Rumours suggest that at least Nasty Suicide will be at some shows, dunno about Sam Yaffa (I think that he is busy with the New York Dolls at the moment)...

Anyway cheers guys! And thanks for everything.

And to end this topic opener heres what it is all about for me. A Million Miles Away (from the 85 show just after Razzles death, dedicated to him too. Kinda suites the theme too, check it out:


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It's never really over these days is it..

Yeah I see your point, but I think that McCoy and Monroe have had enough of each other. And the reunion has always been partial as Yaffa and Nasty haven't joined them (well Nasty for one show)... And I guess they could have gotten Gyp Casino back too.

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I have tickets for the last gig :) Here's to hoping that Sam and Nasty join for the jams!

And indeed he did - look cool! Still a bit of RnR in him, he look like a college prof a while back, so cool.

So it's all over now! Thanks guys, you deserved more than you got! But please know that your efforts arent forgotten, Hanoi lives on...

And lookin forward to Michaels solo efforts (coming soon)...

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