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RAMMSTEIN!!! The awesomely epic official thread


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New Rammstein video for "Pussy". I don't know if it's been out for a while or???



It came out about an hour and a half ago. You can also download the single of 'Pussy' on every major torrent-site. It contains 'Pussy' & 'Rammlied'.

'Rammlied' is übercool! :xmasssanta:


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Pussy is pretty good but I was expecting it to be better. The part I like the most is the chorus "You have a pussy. I have a dick. So what's the problem? Let's do it quick!".

Rammlied is also pretty good. I liked it more on the first listen than I did Pussy. Hopefully these two will grow on me, but so far Liebe Ist Für Alle Da is my favorite of the three songs we've heard.

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Obviously the video is a joke, and it's pretty good. The porn actresses are great, specially the one fucking Paul.

All the porn stuff in the world should be uncensored.

yeah its a piss take of british tourists going abroad and using bullshit language using the only phrases they know like Autobahn and Blitzkreig and such, same vein as America like

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You must be literally gay if you think the video is shit. And the song isn't shit either. I thought it was alright at first, but it's really starting to grow on me.

Rammstein are like this band from germany:

Lol k

I liked Sehnsucht and Mutter... after those, Rammstein began to decline IMO.

Reise, Reise is really great. Rosenrot is probably the "worst", but I still like it a hell of a lot.

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Rammlied is the better song. I don't know why they choose 'Pussy' for a first single.

I think they chose it as the first single because it is a good song, and it grows on you, but it's also hilarious. A lot of people will think "Holy hell, this song is strait up telling it how it is about pussy! This his hilarious! I've got to get this album (or check out more of the band's material)". That's how I looked at it. :shrugs:

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Yeah that's probably how it went...

I have to admit, the song has grown on me and I can't help but wonder what the stage-act is going to be like when they play it live... :P

I also adore the subtle lyrics!

'Schönes Fräulein, Lust auf mehr?

Blitzkrieg mit dem Fleischgewehr!

Schnaps im Kopf, du holde Braut,

steck Bratwurst in dein Sauerkraut!'

Still prefer 'Rammlied', though.

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