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Removal of genuine windows warning


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So i need to remove the pain in the ass that is the genuine windows warning, you know the one that sits there like an older disapproving brother warning or advising you you're copy may not be genuine.

I figure some registry editing is the way to go, maybe i file removal or two and it should be gone?

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If you have a VLK copy of Windows, you're probably using an outdated, blacklisted key (fckgw or similar key). Theres a way to do it quick, painlessly and in about 30 seconds.

(no file bodges, windows recognises the serial and has done for me for about 4 or 5 years now)

PM me if you want to know the method (don't think I should post it). HV's method is okay, but when Microsoft release a new Genuine checker version it undoes your hard work. My method passes validation every time.

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