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I've been collecting setlists for the past year or so, and just now realized that I've got a fairly sizable collection. Just curious if anyone else on here collects them, and if so what you have and any cool stories behind getting them. Here's what I've got:

Tower Of Power x5 (And between the 5 signed by 12 past and present members of the band)

Motley Crue - SOLA tour

Reverend Horton Heat (Signed by the Rev.)

SMV - 2009 tour

Bad Company - 2009 tour

STP - 2009 Summer tour

Godsmack - Cruefest 2

Motley Crue - Cruefest 2

Coheed & Cambria - Heaven And Hell 2009 tour

Heaven And Hell - 2009 tour

Alice Cooper - Theatre Of Death tour

AC/DC - Black Ice tour (3rd leg)

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Was STP good? How did Scott perform, a lot different from VR??

I don't collect setlists.

Awesome. I've seen STP 3 times (4 in November), and VR twice. 2 of the STP shows were better than either VR show. Here's how I'd rank them best to worst:

STP - Ottawa 7/13/09

STP - Toronto 7/12/08

VR - Verona 8/6/07

VR - Darien Lake 8/16/07

STP - Canandaigua 7/15/08

If you like Scott at all, go see STP. I didn't like STP before I saw them, I was only going for Scott, but now they're my favorite band next to Iron Maiden.

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