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Wake up in the mornin feel like Mic Jagger...

Dude that song is catchy as fuck. But that said, can we put a stop to these threads? They fucking suck. Its just one hit wonder hip/hop and R&B singers who will be irrelevant in a few months.

And I agree, I thought it was a Sunnydre thread. I thought I knew you better than this ITR...

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the Mick Jagger reference was the only thing that caught my ear.. go figure..

the song's alright, it's more scruffy and cliche compared to a polished Gaga creation

the autotune overload makes me wonder how it'll go off live

but it all just goes down hill when she hits the "a-ow a-ow ah ow" <_< annoying as heck

edit: the only thing that makes her revelenty cool is the fact that she broke into Prince's house just to give him her demo :lol: paid his gardener 5 bucks to learn the way in.. 'n caught him in the middle of a jam session

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