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Now that Livenation & Ticketmaster have merged

John Bonham

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the controversial $889 million merger, in the works for nearly a year, came with a number of major concessions to address concerns that the combined companies would possibly have an unfair near-monopoly on ticket sales, with an ability to book concerts, sell tickets and merchandise, and manage such major acts as the Eagles, Christina Aguilera, Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith.


You never can tell with Guns N' Roses.

But hopefully this signals a start to some kind of US tour.

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A states tour is given,

I wouldn't say it's a given.

It seems probable at this point. I'm sure all the positive media coverage of the Canada tour has wet a lot of fans appetite for seeing Guns live again in the U.S. I'm sure after the huge S.A. shows the band will be buzzing and ready to kick more ass on the road.

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GNR will go on a huge US tour with promotion within the next year. Then they will release another album of material.

From your lips to Axl's ears! lol

It would be so cool if GNR actually did a full US tour. It's been too damn long and since the tour seems to be going well for Axl and GNR, maybe they might just want to continue. We can only hope.

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