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  1. Did that last track (La Bella Vita) actually leak in studio quality? If so I totally missed that one.
  2. Wow...this remake/remix is phenomenal. Dare I say, better than the original?? Didn't love that Bring It Back Home mashup. Would love to hear the Voodoo & Evader take on that one myself.
  3. All of this detective information is enough for me to be convinced they are the same. Let alone that the titles "Soul Monster" and "Monsters" are quite literally almost the same...
  4. Is YouTube the source of these leaks? IMEI is there a “better” version out there?
  5. I got into the band around 2006 and I never imagined Slash would be playing again with Axl. We all know the quote… “not in this lifetime”
  6. Just imagine if you could go back to 1999 or whenever the original demo was recorded and put together and tell Axl “I come from the future, and I’m here to tell you that you’ll release this song in 2023 with Slash and Duff on it.” It’s just crazy to think what roller coaster the band has been through over the years.
  7. Guessing that's a typo and he meant 2023. Also if anyone is wondering what the Curly Shuffle bit is, it's from this video (start at around 35:55):
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