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  1. What a ridiculous thing to say. His breath control is terrible. He’s trying his best but he can’t sing even one song properly from start to finish. These performances are better than the ones from 2017-2020 but that is not saying much. It’s still not great, it’s decent at best. Otherwise, very cool selects. My Michelle with Adler was awesome and SCOM sounded surprisingly good.
  2. Hello everyone We’ve just released new song, and I gotta say I put a lot of heart and effort in this one. I hope you will like it
  3. Check this out if you want to and let me know what do you think
  4. I’m not saying vocals are bad there. He sounded good but it was not his best. Compare it to Chicago, Paris or Oklahoma.
  5. Seriously guys? It will be embarrassing because of Axl’s vocals? How about Appetite For Democracy then? Tokyo 92 also wasn’t the best showcase of Axl voice. If they choose night from NA2016 it will be very good, propably the best show they ever released officially. But I’m nearly sure it will be something from 2019 or 2018.
  6. That’s a bummer cause now there’s no any central europe show that I would be able to go I hope they will add a few more shows, and Poland or Czech will get one
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