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  1. Check this out if you want to and let me know what do you think
  2. I’m not saying vocals are bad there. He sounded good but it was not his best. Compare it to Chicago, Paris or Oklahoma.
  3. Seriously guys? It will be embarrassing because of Axl’s vocals? How about Appetite For Democracy then? Tokyo 92 also wasn’t the best showcase of Axl voice. If they choose night from NA2016 it will be very good, propably the best show they ever released officially. But I’m nearly sure it will be something from 2019 or 2018.
  4. That’s a bummer cause now there’s no any central europe show that I would be able to go I hope they will add a few more shows, and Poland or Czech will get one
  5. Yeah he was slimmer in 2017 and 2018. Now he got really big, My guess is that he is hitting a gym but meds and propably unhealthy eating makes him big
  6. I prefer mickey Axl over Myles on GNR songs and Slither Any day of the week Call me crazy if you want
  7. Funny moment: You can see Axl was about to hit the stage in the hat but it fell of his head
  8. I don’t think the length of show is the main issue. I would even say the opposite. Show is so long because of Slash solos, extended instrumentals etc. soo Axl can rest. His voice usually gets tired after Jungle so the show would be 20 minutes long. However he struggles even with Jungle these days. Shortening the set will not help him, the damage is done. Maybe it would help during his most raspy days but nowadays his voice is just shot. Berlin was one of the shortest show in the NITLT and one of the weakest vocally. Maybe surgery or working his ass off like in 2016 would help.
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