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  1. Yes, times have changed, songs are recorded, mixed and mastered in different way these days. You don’t like it. I get it. It doesn’t mean it’s unfinished. why tf any of you have problems that it’s an old song and not written with Slash? Didn’t Izzy write most of AFD and slash just added leads and solos? Weren’t SOYL and Anything Goes written by a different - if we can say that - band? Weren’t Back Off Bitch, Don’t Cry, November Rain etc written, played and known for years before they were released? Why this stuff even bother anybody? Just enjoy the music
  2. It’s simply amazing how people were bitching that the village version sounded unfinished and now they are bitching that we got finished and polished final product. I loved the demo but it was not a song that was ready to release. New version kicks ass
  3. I really don’t like how vocals in verses are mixed, and IMO they are too low in the mix Otherwise it’s perfect and sounds great
  4. Axl never goes to the soundcheck in the day of the show
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776500235915125/permalink/3158676854364116/
  6. I don’t think his voice improved from last year. Tbh I think vocally 2021 is his worst year vocally. 2018 gets a lot of hate - but he was only struggling with TIL. Now he is struggling with a lot of songs. Dead Horse, Coma, TIL, SOYL, Locomotive all have been dropped because he can no longer sing them. If you listen to the bridge of Better of YCBM - he has a really hard time with hitting the notes. He could still pull it off in 2019 and 2020. But I’m not hating on the guy. He seems to be trying his best every show, he seems like he’s enjoying himself a lot more than in past few years, he looks much better and it’s really fun to watch him perform again. I don’t think he is even able to improve his vocals from now. I mean - he can always improve but there will be no miracle. It’s permanently damaged. I still can’t wait to see them live and as I said before, his attitude seems to be much better and the rest of the band is doing great, the energy is there. I hope COVID won’t fuck up EU tour next year and I’ll get to see them
  7. I just watched some videos Tbh I don’t remember last time I saw Axl having so much fun on stage!! He moves around a lot more than in last few years, and even his facial expressions shows that he is so happy and into it! It’s like 90s Axl but “few” pounds heavier and with positive attitude I hope he’ll improve his singing but if he don’t, I don’t really mind it.
  8. It was a clever move in so many ways Whatever they’re going to release after this will be better!
  9. Nah, I think they soundchecked NR, WTTJ and Wanna Be Your Dog before last show
  10. Yeah with current Axl’s voice every song sound like absurd
  11. Doesn’t it mean that… studio version exists?
  12. Hey, just because they didn’t play it on soundcheck doesn’t mean anything. I mean.. it’s nothing more than a soundcheck. They may have been playing it on rehearsals
  13. It would be nice if they changed the order a little bit or something but I don’t understand so much hate for the setlist And Hardschool, PTU and YC are awesome additions to the setlist
  14. If you went to the show and they wouldn’t play WTTJ, Estranged or PC you’d be propably disappointed
  15. Totally agree. What I’ll say might be a little bit controversial but actually his clean 2001 voice is closer to the AFD vocals than the full rasp from 1991 for example.
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