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  1. Thanks! Just listened to it now, and yeah, I agree. Very similar!
  2. Missed that one. Which song was playing when nikki wrote that riff?
  3. I know that some people is really scared because media loves fearmongering (playing on peoples fears means $$$). If you're feeling like this virus means the end of the world and feel depressed about this I recommend this site: justgivemepositivenews.com Just sound news from trustworthy sources. The difference between this outlet and others is a focus on facts and a positive Outlook.
  4. Well, if it is Frank playing it sure proves the People who thinks he lacks groove (at least in the studio) wrong.
  5. Haha, thanks. That's a Good rule of thumb. He's really inconsistent in his assesments.
  6. Was wondering the same myself. If you read the statements from the band regarding the firing it's rather vague. I got the sense it had something to do with some kind of problem with a substance addiction.
  7. IIRC slash wrote in his autobiography that he, himself, didn't show the riff to the band because he thought it was to funky for gnr? Maybe he had Steven in mind. Hard to bring a funky Groove and stay in the pocket if you're blitzed out of your mind on blow.
  8. Thickskin was released around the time that I discovered Skid Row. Has some cool tracks on it. He seemed like a good and down to earth- kind of a guy, sad to see him go.
  9. Oh, by the way, a good way to not get scared is to read what actual rational scientists and experts are saying and reduce your consumtion of all news with a political agenda or other media playing on peoples emotions and fears.
  10. Are you aware that the virus that caused the "spanish flu" pandemic over a hundred years ago is still around? You'll do as you please (be scared forever) but for the sake of the mental health of the inhabitants of this earth I hope most people gets more pragmatic and rational about this thing. All research shows that viruses that aren't THAT hazardous to people (reminder: this isn't the plague, most people infected suffers only minor symptoms and only a fraction dies from it), finds ways to live on, and a way to NOT live on is to kill your host. Evolution for ya. Oh, and; the vaccines are wor
  11. Started playing heroes of might and magic 3 again last week (been playing it on and off for over 20 years). It is the heroin of games, its addictiveness is not Good for you. Should've been released with a warning label.
  12. Yes, he kind of is. He might not be a big star but he's recognized as one of the greatest vocalists in rock music by people familiar with his work (peers included). I won't bother with sources, if interested, try google.
  13. In no particular order: - Heroes of might and magic 3 - Gta: san andreas - Red dead redemption 2 - Baldurs gate - NHL 2001 - Final fantasy 6 - Final fantasy 7 - Super Mario bros 3 - Ice hockey (for nes, still great fun to engage in tournaments against your friends) - Age of Mythology Those are the games I've spent the Most time with, easily. Some honorary mentions: Heroes of might and Magic 2 Resident evil 4 Metal gear solid 2 Mario kart 64 Goldeneye James Bond: Nightfire Final fantasy 9 NHL 94
  14. Hey now! You're making fun of a band consisting solely of americans. Therefore you're offending ALL AMERICANS! That's xenophobic! (I'm White by the way).
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