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  1. Just watched the hellacopters documentary "Good night Cleveland". Reminded me of the dread of touring small clubs in a shitty van. Fun at times but it gets really old really fast.
  2. "Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland". Fantastic read if you're the slightest interested in "The Troubles".
  3. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mind-in-the-machine/201609/the-psychology-behind-donald-trumps-unwavering-support A short introduction to possible psychological mechanisms which may explain peoples tendency to blindly follow the orange one.
  4. Did you read the comment section to the clip? Apparently: "Their impact stretched far and wide during the lead-up to Violator’s release, and it was around that time that it settled into the psyches of hard-rock and metal bands. The first notable hard rocker to sing their praises was Axl Rose, who in 1989, reportedly attempted to curry the band’s favor by reciting the lyrics to their tender, hopeful love ballad “Somebody” to them at the 101 Hollywood premiere. Later that night, he brought them to the L.A. metal club the Cathouse but he soon lost their friendship. After the party, the Guns N’ Ro
  5. In my dream world there would exist a documentary series depicting the making of each album (with a majority of the series showing clips from preproduction/working on songs and recording them in the studio). Six one hour episodes for every album, no censorship, showing it like it really were. The team behind "the last dance" would make for a good producer.
  6. Probably the first hours of ever playing FF7. The hype was unreal. I read the short articles about the game published by the only video game magazine in my home country thousand times over and had dreams about it before the release. To then experience it, and the game living up to my expectations was amazing. I've more fond memories about this than about losing my virginity (and that was as good as it gets).
  7. Well, most of the games I've played I never finished, but here are two examples: Super mario 3 - a game that I consider to be one of the best games ever, but only played it at friends as a kid. I bought it for myself a couple of years ago. I gave up after losing about 100 lives on one of the last stages (with an angry sun chasing you). I'm confident that I'll revisit this game and beat it one day, though. Final Fantasy 8 - Got it for christmas the year it was released in europe (1999?). Absolutely loved FF 7 (still do, as well as FF 6 and 9) so I thought I was in for a tre
  8. I always prefer reading rather than watching/listening to interviews. Cudos! I really appreciate all the work you do with that site.
  9. Oh, didn't know that. Just Googled the setlist, apparently they ended with jungle. Not the best choice IMO, but pretty cool. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/guns-n-roses/1991/the-ritz-new-york-ny-7bd57ad8.html
  10. Pretty funny excerpt from an interview with him, he's pathetic. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/dj-ashba-says-he-got-no-pushback-from-his-fans-over-edm-direction-of-his-new-project/
  11. Weiland is a really good singer and the verse (or the A-section) melody is very catchy, but I don't find the B-(meaning the double time-) section interesting at all. Overall: good, partly great, song.
  12. Usually I'm buying them after their cycle (ps 2 in 2011, snes in 2017). This year I felt like the first time I was "up to date" (when I bought a ps4), since me and my brother got a sega Genesis for christmas around '93.
  13. Love this game, atleast the story mode, online didn't do it for me. I can just ride around for hours looking to make o'driscolls and lemoyne raiders lives miserabel. My favorite area by far is the one around Rhodes, with all the beautiful meadows. Does anyone have another favorite area?
  14. Thought it was alright. Would rate it 3 out of 5.
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