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Chris Vrenna interview


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Interview's pretty recent (Jan 12th)...

Rafi: I know you worked with Axl Rose on Guns N’ Roses for a bit, but then declined to be part of the band. What happened there?

Chris Vrenna: Well that was right after I had left NIN and Robin Finck was in the band as well after leaving NIN and Cirque du Soleil. Axl Rose is a much more forward thinking person than people give him credit for, very smart and well read guy. Axl really loved NIN, in one of his music videos he is even wearing the old white NIN “Sin” t-shirt. I was in the band for a few months and Moby was going to produce the album at the time. It was a brutal schedule of working five nights a week from 10am to 6pm, Axl came down there maybe a hand full of times. It was just not what I was looking for at the time, I knew that this process was going to last a few years, and I had just left NIN so I was really anxious to get back out there and work with other people. But it was really cool, getting to hang out with all of them. We ended up playing the whole ‘Appetite for Destruction’ album from top to bottom, which really made me happy to get that opportunity.

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Vrenna briefly handled both drum and synth duties.

I'm sure it didn't hurt to have someone around who knew the ins and outs of Downward Spiral, (he's more producer, engineer and editor than drummer though), plus was pretty active with the Chicago industrial bands in the early 90s.

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