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Bruce Springsteen


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This was in the news last year. Her husband accused her of having an affair with Bruce and put it in the divorce papers. The only thing that is prob. true is that they worked out in the same gym and complimented her on having a great ass.

It's possible something was going on, but he commented on this 4 years ago! If there were problems, they've been resolved. I highly doubt he's going to leave himself open like that, considering he is a very private guy. He's still married to Patti.

The husband might know what happened, but as Bruce says, it's unfounded, which means there's zero proof that the ex husband can actually do anything with, and if they make the kids testify if they saw anything, other than Bruce buying lunch for them, it's a douchebag move on his part if he puts his kids through that, if they didn't see any public displays of affection.

Hell, Bruce even knows Tony Soprano's right hand man Silvio very well...


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If Bruce Springsteen is committing adultery, then I will fucking kill myself. I could give a damn about Tiger, but not The Boss. :(


Hate to break it to you, but he was married when he hooked up with Patti, back in the 80s. He's got grown kids that he's trying to protect, and if there were marriage problems, he's worked them out..

People like Springsteen but I don't see him as a homewrecker, but a lot of people think Woods is an arrogant prick that deserved what he got.because he was banging whores (and odds are, that's what 1/4 of them really are, escorts with legit jobs) while his wife was knocked up.

But then you hear a song like Bruce's "Reno", and you have to wonder if he's paying for hookers, too. That would take serious balls to record a song like that. being married.

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