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I thought this might be a fun topic to discuss. Since the band is pretty much is known for busting out a random cover song every now and then, like Sailing, or Whole Lotta Rosie, I Want You Back, Dust In The Wind, Another Brick In The Wall and of course traditional Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Live and Let Die.

So my question, what songs would you like to see the band just randomly bust out and cover? I know, I know, alot of you would rather hear new material, but like i said. The seem to be having alot of fun with eachother and sometimes a band will want to bust out a good cover jam.

For me, it would be Bob Seger's We've Got Tonight. I think the way Axl sang Sailing was chilling and gave me goosebumps, just picture him singing that way with We've Got Tonight. Or maybe some Dio as someone else suggested. What about you guys?

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There's no way Axl could do Dio justice, I can't imagine it even sounding remotely good.

On topic, I can't think of anything off hand. Maybe I'll come up with something that would be cool later...

Yea they are way opposite style.

But I'm sure he could do something like Queen and sound great. I would love to hear him sing Killer Queen.

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