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The trews


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so a couple days ago i had the chance to go to an acoustic show the trews were playing at a theatre in my city. i never really listened to them, and the only song they had that i knew was "highway of heroes" so i decided not to go even though it's a pretty decent song. plus, I'd already seen them open for GnR back in 2006 and they never really left an impression on me. well anyway, today i decided to look up some songs by them, and i'm pretty pissed at myself for not going. they're a pretty damn good rock band, definitely worth the $30 the tickets would have cost. turns out i had heard a few of their songs on the radio, i just never knew who played it.

here's some songs for all you non-canadians out there

so she's leaving

poor ol' broken hearted me

can't stop laughing


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