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  1. They were raw but in that old school early Aerosmith blues rock style, and blues rock, aside from the Black Crowes, didn't sell that well in mainstream rock in the 90s. I guess Blues Traveller did well too.
  2. They weren't Grunge or Alternative, and that was all the rage at the time.
  3. I'm always up for something less played, and I got Sign Of The Cross, For The Greater Good Of God, Icarus, Clansman, last time around. It was dope.
  4. He forgot the Japanese seal behind Eddie's head. Looks good otherwise when it's bigger. But at a spotify size, the band name gets kinda lost and reducing the size of the album title really makes it hard to read. I bet whatever designs were proposed, were tested in various sizes, but anything they considered for a final, had to work on a phone screen.
  5. The thing with all those is, they have covers that were designed during the records/vinyl era, there was a lot more real estate to design the cover and have more elements at play. That's been lost now, it was lost when cassettes became the primary sales format, and the same with cds. It's different designing a cover for vinyl than for smaller formats and have it still work visually. How do people consume music now? itunes, apple music, spotify, tidal? Now you just see a tiny square on your screen, the image needs to still be legible and looking at the Senjutsu cover reduced to spotify size,
  6. Dance of Death cover had a setting. You don't listen to the covers anyway
  7. It gets to a point with Bucket, and Bumble also, where the shred just starts sounding like a turkey gobbling really fast. Someone pointed that out and now I can't unhear it.
  8. Best one of those was the Camp Freddy gig(The all star jam band that existed before KOC) that had Matt, Slash, Izzy and Duff playing together. That one was pretty awesome.
  9. With voice at that age. If it's too far gone, it's not recoverable.
  10. We've got almost a full live album from all these selects now.
  11. Soft pen call, shame the ref decided the game
  12. They've been at it for like a century, and have had some great players come through at times, what's missing?
  13. I'm glad he pulled thru, that was intense.
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