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  1. As long as DeBruyne's healty they'll be up there. And ppl are forgetting about Leicester, they're creeping up there too
  2. Yes they got some swagger back. But what's happened to Liverpool's front line? that's like 3 matches without scoring now.
  3. A lot of people need that one
  4. Tobias looked like a fish out of water the whole show. They did much better with Fortus.
  5. At least until Sunday, we made the top of the league!
  6. My favorite part is that Slash just kept going. If you watch any live Sabbath gig the solos are nowhere near that long. But he just kept on soloing. I'm surprised Post didn't bring his goons to stop him like MJ did all them years ago.
  7. I heard it's gonna be a year since Aguero last scored in the Prem
  8. Would be cool but this is free, and that other thing we'd probably have to pay for
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