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  1. I've seen the wall of tapes he had in his studio with ideas, I'm sure there's enough to work with there.
  2. He did the studio version of The Godfather theme for one of his movies also
  3. True, everyone's stuck at home with nothing but time to create. I expect next year every artist will put out their best albums ever, with all they've written during lockdown.
  4. I've heard some of Melissa's music, not really GNR style. But for the life of me I don't recall ever hearing Fortus write anything. What songs has he created?
  5. In a world where United beat PSG in Paris... Again. People lost money probably.
  6. I joined in what? '02? '03? it's kind of an old habit now. Where else am I gonna get my periscope links when the band gigs? Letting go is a choice. That's all on the individual.
  7. And yet, that's the most memorable scene in any Spiderman movie ever made.
  8. Don't know about "want", but if they put them out I'll probably watch 'em
  9. For other bands maybe, this is a band that's put out Jungle, PC, SCOM, YCBM. Hardschool is a spec of dust you flick of your shoulder compared to those.
  10. And, the single has to be good. It can't be Hardschool or some BS like that.
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