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  1. Now even Boris Johnson is saying they're looking into blocking this
  2. Then I see a show like this one and on their night, they were bloody good on this tour https://www.facebook.com/GibbosAppetiteForVideos/videos/922906668184031
  3. It's not bad but pretty forgettable, that album didn't get many replays here, it certainly didn't set the world on fire
  4. I so wish Cavani was younger when we got him.
  5. the hair whip heard round the world
  6. I got the feeling that the story telling that was presented when the two weren't fighting wasn't that engaging. One guy couldn't even tell the character names despite watching them so much in the movie
  7. That's not what I've heard from other reviews
  8. And without them the answer's usually Queen. So it played out as expected.
  9. AEW's production is so hit or miss it really detracts from the presentation. And without good presentation, it doesn't matter how good the matches or characters are.
  10. If they can get those characters over, the whole francise will benefit, definitely. Constantine, the character should've worked in film, but that was such a miscast.
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