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  1. That being said, I don't believe they see it that way. Which is why they've gone with the AFD audio.
  2. Probably because the best those songs have ever sounded was on AFD, and those are the versions people going, or thinking of going to the shows are familiar with.
  3. I still remember Axl's goons shoving Bumblefoot out of the way for Axl to walk through a doorway, I don't see the other CD era guys being treated any different. I don't think they're still in touch.
  4. TBF it's not worth trying to keep it afloat. Too much negativity and tarnished reputation by now. They'd be better off doing strong standalones like Joker or The Batman. Bruce Timm's back to do another Batman animated series, Smallville's getting an animated show. DC Superhero Girls and Teen Titans have the young viewers. The movie universe can go.
  5. the little Flash and Black Adam teasers looked good
  6. Looking forward to the Injustice animation
  7. They can't keep going like this. Just 2 wins in the last 7 games, with 11 goals conceded.
  8. If Canada make the World Cup it will be because Davies drags them there
  9. From what I read online, Hard Skool is definitely closer to what people enjoy GNR to sound like.
  10. His gas tank was pretty much empty by then. But if he had the pace and mobility of the first few rounds, for a longer period of the fight, who knows?
  11. Props to Wilder on putting all the time and effort to try and get a different result this time. It wasn't enough, but I don't think he could have done any more. Tried his ass off. Fury is a beast.
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