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Just one "Dust in the Wind" Version?


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I'm positive they played it more than once. I don't think they played the whole song a lot but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere they used it as the intro to November Rain.

There are multiple videos of it on YouTube, one version says Argentina, and another says Germany. (If that's correct that is two versions for you right there)

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Mr. Whaz up, the first link is the one i heard all the time - i am bored after years already, this version is spread all over the net, i am glad i have two more versions now, the link you postet first, and the other one now (jamas edito - whatever this means).

The first link in Hamburg/Germany, i was really surprised he didn't wear his Manson outfit, i thought he did it all the time in 93.

As far as i've seen on www.gnrontour.com they just played it 9 times, so we alreday have 3 versions. :violin:

Thank you Whaz up again!! :)

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