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I thought some fans might dig seeing this

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Montreal 2010




I can't believe i own the micro phone he sang with here!!! lol..jesus that was a kick ass night!!..long live the king of rock axl!!!!!!

anawaywego 1 year ago

Man this show kicked ass!!..i've seen the new guns 3 times now once in london ont in 02 and ottawa in 06 and this show in montreal!..and this was my fav i'd say beacuse i was actually on the floor this time and i was crazy ass lucky to pick up the micro phone when he through it in the crowd!!!!! ..seeing as i've been a fan since i am like 14 and being 33 now was so crazy..it was like beyond amazing seriously lol....axl is the true king of rock!!! always

anawaywego 1 year ago

i was there!! axl is god !!!!..and i actually got the mic at they end of paradise!!!...floor tickets really payed off!!! THIS SHOW!!!!

anawaywego 1 year ago

anawaywego. on 19 May 11, 15:20:23 if any one's intrested i am puting a microphone that axl rose sang with at his 2010 montreal show on ebay should be up in a few hours.. Guns N' Roses ROCK! ...

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